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Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love

by | Dec 30, 2021 | No Comments

Charles Ridley
50 Years of Cranial Study, Practice, & Teaching
1973 - 2023

This foundational Master Class provides you with the will-strengthening Stillness Practices that open your heart field as an organ of perception; you also learn Stillness Touch contacts and can begin offering to others.

With practice, you realize your heart's self-existing radiance as the presence of stillness, whose immense potency escorts your consciousness on an ascending biodynamic tidal journey across the threshold beyond your known.

Ascending Spiritual Current & Descending Spiritual Current

The ascending journey of the biodynamic tides is essential for evolution that culminates as a realization of  Dynamic Stillness as I AM. Realizing I AM frees consciousness from the ego's tyranny, your body becomes whole at infinity - Body Is Consciousness.

Realizing I AM is the end the biodynamic tidal journey. Why? Because all tides disappear in Dynamic Stillness:


CLICK: Biodynamic Map

The ascending biodynamic tidal journey is a crucial initiatory stage that prepares consciousness for the journey beyond the known, which involves the descent of consciousness into the body to unite with the Love that is stronger than death.

It is a given that biodynamic tides disappear in Dynamic Stillness, so we let go of the tides, drop the biodynamic map, and wait in Dynamic Stillness ... for nothing ... Eventually, I AM descends to implode into the cells, and unites with the emanation of Pure Breath of Love that pulses in unison with the SA Node of the heart.

This is the enfleshment of Love, which marks the realization of Pure Breath of Love.

When we sense the Heart's SA Node emanating its self-existing radiance to all the cells, the unerring potency has completed itself amid the second birth of enfleshment.

CLICK: Ascending and Descending Circle Completes Itself

At Completion, We Realize the Post-biodynamic Domains of Love

First Birth: After conception, the pacemaker cells of the heart field emanate a self-existing radiance that makes the body, the emanation of the SA Node maintains the body and heals it, and evolves consciousness to I AM.

Second Birth: After we realize I AM and the presence of stillness descends, the potency of our heart radiance increases its strength of will and we realize our second birth of the enfleshment of love.

At enfleshment, the SA Node emanates an all-cellular pulse of Pure Breath of Love and we realize 



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