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Two Excellent John Wilks Interviews:

1) Link to Neutral Interview

Download Companion Chart On The Neutral:

2) Link to Interview on Dynamic Stillness 

Dynamic Stillness Interview Companion eBook
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Three Master Classes with seats available:
1) Sedona - Master Class 1 - open to everyone 
2) Basel - Master Class 1 - open to everyone
3) Prague - Master 3 - hybrid class - open to everyone 

The Last USA 2024 Master Class 1 

(Open to 

July 11-14 - 4 Seats Left - Register Now 

Master Class 1 Topics
 Stillness Touch the way that Sutherland taught his inner circle of osteopaths.

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Basel (English & Deutsch)

12.-15.9 - Meisterklasse 1
(Master Class 1 - English translated to Deutsch)
2023 ist voll - melden Sie sich frühzeitig für 2024 an
(Open to Everyone - this class filled in 2023 - register early)

(English & Deutsch)
19.-22.9 - Meisterklasse 3
100% eingeschrieben, JETZT anmelden
Master Class 3 - FULL
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PRAGUE (English & Czech)

Master Class 3 - Class is 50% Full - register now!
How Efference, Fear & Desire Bypasses Sacred Repose  
September 26-29, 2024

*** This is a Special Hybrid Class - Open to Everyone
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Non-Tidal Post-biodynamic

When Dynamic Stillness implodes cellularly & emanates a non-tidal pulse, you enter a post-biodynamic practice.homeBulletread more


A commitment to cease all efferent medical practices and bypassing of Pure Breath of Love's sacred pulse.homeBulletread more


During your Stillness Touch training, you do NOT engage guru-disciple codependence with your teacher, there is no enquiry into tides, no spiritual bypass, no absolutism or misuse of Dynamic Stillness. homeBulletread more


Take Charles' three Master Classes, the new path for certification in Stillness Touch. homeBulletread more

What People Are Saying:
A sequel that expands Prasent In Der Stille with new perspectives on Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy. This is a valuable and meaningful book for all people, especially in the helping professions. The book is connecting and a revelation for every reader interested in healing and spirituality. It is a unique milestone that can expand consciousness. 
~ Daniel Aqustoni, Director of Sphinx Craniosacral Institute in Switzerland, Author of Craniosacral Therapy for ChildrenCraniosacral Rhythm and Harmonizing Your Craniosacral System."

Stillness Touch is a must read for any osteopath wanting to explore cranial osteopathy from biomechanics to functional to biodynamic. Charles also takes us on a journey into the post-biodynamic realm, which allowed me to grow as a professional and as a person. Highly recommended.
~ Jules Rampal, DO

She got me. I am falling inside her in the infinity inside me. I feel so truly home! Every cell radiates pure peace and warmth that is full of life, power and tenderness at the same time. It feels so infinitely good, after so many painful years. Thank you for never giving up. I won't either.

                 ~ Stillness Touch Practitioner on the fruits of  Master Classes 2 & 3

"I am astounded by Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love. I feel there is so much to respond to and experiences to describe that I cannot even begin to try. Words don't describe how much your work resonates in me and helps me deepen my own." 

~ Winslow Eliot, PhD
Author of Be Still - How to Heal and Grow


"Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love is the best book I've ever read! Beyond accurate, it constantly confirms my inner exploration, which inspires a 'YES' to the years of relentless commitment to embodiment, enfleshment, and reposing into what is. Your words vibrate in the flesh and bridge the transpersonal with the personal as an Enfleshment Manifesto."

~ Giselle Bridger
Co-founder of Lunaria Institute


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