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Private Intensive With Charles

Evolution Of Consciousness

Experiencing Stillness Touch cannot be overestimated.

Receiving repeated Stillness Touch exchanges build the potency of your inner-body wisdom, which matures into a body-felt inner confidence that becomes second nature, which guides you in sessions and in life.

You can enroll in an in-person 4-hour or 6-hour Private Intensive for personal development, a 12-hour Stillness Touch Lay Course, 18-hour Immersion, or a 30-hour Master Class, click here: PRIVATE INTENSIVE

Correspondence Course

A New Offering For Our Times

One-to-One Private Intensive Correspondence Course with Charles, click below: 


Charles no longer offers Stillness Touch sessions; please choose a certified practitioner listed in your area who can provide you with a direct experience of this work: Practitioner List

Please Note: Watch out for fraudulent practitioners who "claim" to offer Stillness Touch & Biodynamic Cranial Touch who are not on the Certified List.

If you are interested in a Private Intensive, please email:

By enrolling in any Private Intensive you also agree to our Refund Policy: After a Private Intensive has begun, there are no refunds for cancellations for any reason. If payment has not been completed prior to the onset of the intensive, you are obligated to pay the agreed upon fee.

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