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Private Intensive With Charles

Evolution Of Consciousness

Experiencing Stillness Touch cannot be overestimated.

Receiving repeated Stillness Touch exchanges build the potency of your inner-body wisdom, which matures into a body-felt inner confidence that becomes second nature, which guides you in sessions and in life.

You can enroll in an in-person 4-hour or 6-hour Private Intensive for personal development, a 12-hour Stillness Touch Lay Course, 18-hour Immersion, or a 30-hour Master Class, click here: PRIVATE INTENSIVE

Correspondence Course

A New Offering For Our Times

One-to-One Private Intensive Correspondence Course with Charles, click below: 


Charles no longer offers Stillness Touch sessions; please choose a certified practitioner listed in your area who can provide you with a direct experience of this work: Practitioner List

Please Note: Watch out for fraudulent practitioners who "claim" to offer Stillness Touch & Biodynamic Cranial Touch who are not on the Certified List.

If you are interested in a Private Intensive, please email:

By enrolling in any Private Intensive you agree to the following Refund Policy: After a Private Intensive has begun, there are no refunds for cancellations for any reason. Payment has to be completed prior to the onset of the intensive.

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