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The Master Class 
Replaces The
Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor Format
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The Master Class is the new path to become a certified Stillness Touch practitioner.

Complete Three Master Classes
And Certify - If You Desire

Master Class Calls For The Practitioner
To Be Responsible For Their Evolution of Consciousness 

Why Replace The Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor?

I created the Mentor Course 20 years ago when functional practitioners were unfamiliar with non-doing biodynamics.

However, in 2015 I observed an inertial dynamic in the way the Mentor Course was taught, which forced me to create 2 new post-graduate courses as an antidote to three types of bypass: Enquiry into Tides, Stillness As Bypass, and Mentor Teacher Codependence:

The Mentor Format had devolved into a Parent-Child Dynamic that left too many BCT Graduates codependent on the Mentor teacher, mired in the Enquiry into Tidal Phenomenon, and stuck in Stillness as Bypass. 

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The Master Class serves a new generation of Stillness Touch practitioners Click Here for Master Class 1

Practitioner Responsibility & Homework

You have homework to complete before each Master Class that pinpoints specific ways to navigate your hidden blocks that arise from Core Wounds, which hinder the evolution of your consciousness.

Master Class is a deep dive into your Grail Journey as a self-navigation. After Master Class 1, it is not necessary that you take the other two classes consecutively: you can join Class 2 and 3 any time.

Charles supports your descending navigation of unconscious psychosomatic recoils
that prevent the potency of Pure Breath of Love from being in charge during sessions.

We honor the wisdom of Dr. Sutherland who in 1948 insisted that the practitioner does not treat.

Instead of being the doer, we trust the unerring potency.

The Master Class reveals esoteric teachings that influenced Sutherland and Becker's core approach to touch, particularly philosopher-mystics Emanuel Swedenborg and Walter Russel. We also examine Dr. Becker’s connection to Kashmir Shaivism's Sacred Pulse, which we call Pure Breath of Love. Finally, we integrate the Ancient Wisdom of laying on of hands with our modern practice of Stillness Touch.

 To be certified in Stillness Touch
you matriculate three Master Classes
 and complete a written examination

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The Master Class Evolves Consciousness And Enhances Your Healing Modality

The Dynamic Stillness School happily supports practitioners in any modality who desire to realize a living contact with Pure Breath of Love.

Participants in Dynamic Stillness School courses include medical physicians, integrative medical doctors, osteopaths, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, homeopaths, naturopaths, bodyworkers, water workers, spiritual teachers, specialists in posture and movement such as Pilates, Continuum, Alexander, somatic experience practitioners, and yoga teachers, ... to name a few.

In 1948, the founder of cranial work, Dr. Sutherland publicly revealed his powerful new insight: Trust the Tide, which later became the foundation of osteopathic biodynamic cranial work as we know it today. 

The Dynamic Stillness School has evolved Dr. Sutherland's transmission by offering Stillness Practices that access the spectral expressions of consciousness. At I AM, the tides disappear, amid the cellular implosion of Dynamic Stillness where we begin a post-biodynamic non-tidal journey into the Sacred Pulse of Love.

By inwardly accessing the classic ascending biodynamic cranial tidal expressions of the Breath of Life, you contact what the Ancient Traditions call the Wisdom of the Whole. Then, the descent of Dynamic Stillness invokes the presence of Pure Breath of Love that ignites our Grail Journey.

Joining the Master Class, you realize the spectral expressions of consciousness as distinct yet overlapping, and ever-evolving, with no map.

You cultivate a non-doing Stillness Touch with no efference, no objectification, and without enquiry. As Dr. Sutherland implored, do not apply any outside force. This non-doing practitioner disposition is so powerful that Dr. Sutherland characterized it as uncanny.

In the Master Class, you enjoy a living, intimate, ever-deepening, body-felt union with the ascending expressions of the Breath of Life, the Pure Consciousness of Dynamic Stillness, and onward into the descending post-biodynamic realization of Pure Breath of Love, which is characterized in the books Stillness Chapter 9 and in Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love Chapter 9. 

After Dynamic Stillness Implodes In Your Inner Body
Your Post-biodynamic Grail Journey Begins

The Dynamic Stillness School offers you Stillness Practices that support your conscious descent into the body, which grants you a grounded embodied access to Pure Breath of Love that lovingly escorts you on your Grail Journey into the Sacred Pulse that exhibits no biodynamic tides or maps.

As a practitioner, you inwardly orient to the SA Node's pulse that is your infinite radiant field of consciousness. Continuing that practice, you also repose in your inner body space at the pelvic floor and sense. 

Maintaining these Stillness Practices while touching lands you in a spontaneous Tonal Match with your recipient.

Tonal Match is natural without the practitioner doing anything. Tonal Match arises by entrainment through neutral touch that elicits powerful encounters with the spectral expressions of primary respiration that evolves into the sacred pulse of Pure Breath of Love.

Once you complete the three Master Classes, it is easy to repose with the power that made the body, heals the body, and evolves your consciousness. Diving deeper into yourself, you realize an inner union of the body with the love that creates all that is as the pulse of Pure Breath of Love.

The Master Class is a Three-part Series For Details Click: Master Class 1

 Charles Revived His Immersion Class 
For Stillness Touch Practitioners 

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