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Post-Biodynamic Courses

Why Post-Biodynamic? Click Here

What is the difference between the Mentor Course and Post-Biodynamic Classes?

Due to the vast difference between the Mentor Course and Post-Biodynamic Classes they cannot be compared. The Mentor Course is one year long with the same small group of people who engage their individual self-development, therefore, the class time is spent with each individual's navigation of their blocks of the free-flow of love in the body. Whereas the Post-Biodynamic classes are large groups comprised of graduate practitioners from different disciplines and the classes orient to the general principles of our non-doing, evolutionary approach to touch, and as such the class time does not involve personal navigation.

Charles offers three Post-Biodynamic Courses in Europe: Click Here For 2020 Schedule

Click on the Links below for the Flyers for each class:

SA Node of the Heart as Organ of Perception

Face Your Grail Wound to Open to Love

Stillness as Love or Bypass

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