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Can We Bear A Love That Is Stronger Than Death?

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 Descend Into Your Body 

And Enflesh A Love Stronger Than Death

The Signs Of Apocalyptic Times

Do you sense the global madness in the atmosphere? Perhaps NOW it is time to heed the clarion call:

'take a stand, cultivate an uncomfortable feminine strength of will, and let love take you.'

Divine Feminine Will is a Mahasiddha - a transpersonal power the Feminine Deity Chinnamasta exemplifies.

It takes the ferocious will of Chinnamasta to face ourselves and ask 'Does the Beast operate in me?'

Chinnamasta has the integrity to stand for truth, and the strength of will to die into love.
Die into love means to unwaveringly repose in infinite potency, while reposing in our core-midline, to enflesh a cellular love that is stronger than death.

Enfleshment is a Chinnamasta Realization
That Re-spiritualizes the Body As Love.

To enflesh love that is stronger than death, we look our Beast in the eye, speak a Kabir-like truth, and wield Archangel Michael's sword of discernment, we point out the false to illuminate any deviant Beastly acts.

We embody integrity when Prajnaparamita is our guiding principle for the good of the whole, which determines our behavior toward others, who we keep company or work with, the type of work we offer, what we participate in, spend our money on, etc. The integrity of enfleshment implies that we Know Thyself - by asking - "are my words and deeds based on truth or a lie?"  This is how we catch our dissociation, shutdown, bypass, and our recoils from love. 

If you want the truth, I’ll tell you the truth. Listen to the secret sound ... which is inside you.- Kabir

Remove Your Ascending Current Love, Light, & Bliss Blinders

Bypass is due to an unconscious terror of the Divine Feminine Power by which we avoid seeing reality as it is. We avoid feeling the harshness of reality through bypass by clinging to a contrived 'enlightenment' that is drenched in virtual bliss, peace, love, and light - despite that life grows more intense by the moment. Facing reality as it is requires the strength of will that Chinnamasta exemplifies: He unflinchingly bears all of life's intensity without recoil or bypass. However, our first step to embodying love is to face how we contribute to the mass psychosis that has become the norm for our times

For example, do we participate in social media despite that its platforms were consciously created based on B.F. Skinner's addictive animal behavioral methods? Facebook misuses reward and punishment - ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ - by which virtual friends falsely boost our deficient ego.

The Price We pay To Exalt Our Deficient ego Is A Weak Will And A Fragmented Soul.   

Furthermore, when we use by social media, we must agree to a constant invasion of our privacy. Meta who owns Facebook, Instagram, and What's App, misuses our personal data to force-feed us targeted news that boil our blood with rage: Social media participation festers the expression of the Apocalyptic Beast by exploiting our latent Psychotic Core that creates unnecessary suffering for millions Facebook. 

The 'mob' carries the cultural shadow of mass psychosis, which last appeared prior to the second World War and became the Third Reich, which Karl Jung warned us about years before Hitler took power. Seems like we haven't learned anything.

The strength of our core will is so weak and broken that we are incapable of saying 'no' -  we do nothing about the psychotic core behavior of the mob who are directed its deplorable leaders.

Social media discourages us from doing the inner work to face our shadows. The resulting bypass leaves us too weak-willed to take a stand for love, so we helplessly watch while the Beast takes over the world through social media. Meanwhile, Psychotic Core mob consciousness acts freely without consequences. In fact, our participation in social media rewards the mob and its leaders.

How many countries struggle with rapidly growing psychotic core behavior of the violent mobs who call themselves freedom fighters? 

Members of the mob are misogynist terrorists who promote white-supremacist, racist, trans & homophobic, nationalist, political, classist, and religious hatred and bigotry. The mob blindly obeys the commandments of their chosen psychopathological narcissistic deplorable one who, by the cult of personality, whips up the mob into a frenzy and commands them to destroy democracy worldwide. Today, democracy in United States teeters toward the breaking point, and this is supported by the current psychotic core mob members who sit on the Supreme Court.  

We witness the growth of the mob world-wide in real time thanks to social media. It would be ideal if the influence of social media stopped there. Yet, social media empowers the mob, and encourages them to spread post-truth propaganda on their platforms while condoning the mob's vile beastly acts while making billions of dollars. Social media platforms could easily moderate the violent rhetoric that t he mob posts, but it refuses to do so.

Add to the above, that social media promotes the denial of climate change by which billions of innocent Souls are subject to unnecessary and unimaginable degrees of suffering and death due to heat, water shortages, disasters, fires, floods, volcano's, earthquakes, starvation, murder, rape, ethnic cleansing, abuse, war, imprisonment, mismanaged COVID, etc. All that, amid the destruction of democracy and the end of capitalism. 

Social media promotes a virtual reality (AR), which Rudolf Steiner predicted 100 years ago as the means by which the Beast incarnates doubt, hatred, and terror into the Soul, fragmenting it.

Unleashes The Psychotic Core
 The Mark of the 

If we choose to see reality as it is, it is obvious that the signs of our times are a dire warning.

It may appear to be a spiritual virtue to only focus on the positive. However, it is a bypass if the positive is misused to avoid facing the uncomfortable 'negative' aspects of life. Bypass is the ‘gotcha’ disposition by which the Beast captures our Soul and drives our consciousness to achieve its purposes.

Are the members of the mob aware that they are puppets?

Are we driven by the Beast in the name of spirituality?

As an example of spreading the big lie, let's suppose I said "Each mob member is a human being and since everything is love, we are all equal. The mob's behavior then, is God's will. Therefore, the mob is perfect just the way it is. I'll let the mob be as they are and forgive them."  Sense into my statement: is that a clear-eyed spiritual perspective, or is it a bypass?

I mentioned Prajnaparamita who enfleshes the principle the Good of the Whole: when we enflesh a love that is stronger than death we live the Grail question each moment: "For Whom Does The Grail Serve?" Living the Grail question means to BE STILL before we act, and ask "are my actions for the good of me, or for the good of the whole?"

When we suffer under the weight of the shadows of our Grail Wounds, it can leave us too weak-willed to take a stand for love.

Nobody is exempt from the influence of the Beast. 

Here is my confession. I did nothing when I was told by students that a teacher broke the professional code of ethics, crying to students and my organizers that 'paying a royalty put me in poverty' ... all that whining while the teacher made $250,000 USD (two hundred fifty-five thousand USD) per year teaching my courses INCOME. I sat back while tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid royalties were stolen from my Dynamic Stillness School, along with my email list, and the poaching of Dynamic Stillness School graduates list by moving their names to the teacher's website. I let all of it happen!

More tragic is: I did nothing to prevent Mentor students from being certified who were stuck in bypass, and did not grasp the basic principles of Stillness Touch. Today, there are graduates who declare "I have no need to certify annually in Stillness Touch" presumably because they are so highly evolved. And even more sad are graduates who display the Psychotic Core of the Beast by despising Pure Breath of Love: they deride it as a 'fake enfoldment' of consciousness: they regurgitate the mantra they were fed by their teacher: "Charles classifies Pure Breath of Love as a post-biodynamic enfoldment for political purposes.

The point is, I let the Beast run amok in my Dynamic Stillness School for years, and even though I was made aware of it, I did nothing! I am not making this up: dozens of Dynamic Stillness School colleagues and my organizers shared what they witnessed. All of my organizers were affected by the teacher's poison, and each organizer implored me to "do something!" Yet, I was too weak-willed to say or do anything.

I had no strength of will to take a stand to enflesh the ferocious love of Chinnamasta.

My public confession is a necessary first step. Even so, people will say 'Charles is retaliating because he has an axe to grind.' which is a typical response in a post-truth world in which a lie is truth. 

I take responsibility for not protecting my school, or the precious gift that I offer.

Now compare my watered down version of reality above, to what is articulated by religious author: Andrew Harvey

Rather than cowering in stillness as bypass amid a paralyzed will, while exuding pseudo-spirituality, Harvey instead, embodies the Dzogchen Natural State. He speaks the 'naked truth' as it is, by exposing the Beast who has swallowed modern society, and now we collectively dwell comatose inside the belly of the Beast - due to a bypass - to avoid integrating our Core Erotic Wound. Even so, our present moment is an opportunity to make a tough-love choice:

Do we dare to directly gaze into the eye of the Beast in us?

Ascent or Descent?

If your answer is 'yes I will face the Beast' then you have a choice: do you face the Beast from the disposition of the ascending or the descending spiritual current of consciousness?

If we attempt to face the Beast exclusively from the disposition of the ascending spiritual current of consciousness at the expense of the descending, it leaves our presence of stillness disembodied, and presence does not contain the potency, or the grounded strength of will to bear the intensity of our present reality. When our presence of stillness is not enfleshed, our body-as-consciousness is not suffused by the love that is stronger than death. Therefore, our Soul Forces are vulnerable to being co-opted by the Beast.

We can get stuck in bypass without being aware of it.

Do You Want To Know The Truth?

Do you have the strength of will to face reality as it is?  Try out this simple Master Class 1 home practice to see if your consciousness belongs to you or to outer forces: Jacques Lusseryan

When we are chronically weak-willed, bypass becomes a lifestyle, which triggers the latent Core Evil that is called The Psychotic Core: this is the mark of the Beast, which indicates that the core-evil has taken over our will without our being aware of it (See Rudolf Steiner and Daniel Andreev below).

When we are unwittingly stuck in bypass, that is exactly what the Beast needs to co-opt our Soul Forces, and convert us into its unwitting plaything.

When stuck in bypass, we can be so unconscious that we believe we have realized enfleshment,
when in reality we dwell comatose and fast asleep inside the belly of the Beast.
Yet, our still, quiet, inner voice signals a subtle sense of guilt and shame, 

Chronic bypass activates our Psychotic Core that expresses Beastly hatred, doubt, and terror.

We are plaything of the Beast whose aim is to destroy the Rose of the World. 

The Beast uses every means possible to sever the inner union between our Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine. Respectively, that means the Beast separates our light of universal consciousness from the love of the world. Our Soul Forces are disembodied, split apart, and our consciousness is without a grounded center: we then become unconsciously stuck in the ascending planes of consciousness (See Rose of the World by Daniel Andreev).

The Beast splits our Soul Forces of thinking, felt-sense, and will until they fragment and fly apart in all directions and engage in an inner war that we exemplify by our unconscious bypass.

Rudolf Steiner predicted our present Apocalypse one hundred years ago. His Initiate teachings were designed to face and integrate the Beast in us. In the first three of his nineteen Esoteric Lessons, Steiner graphically characterizes the qualities of the three Beasts. If you can bear it, I encourage you to deeply study his Initiate Teachings: Click Rudolf Steiner Here 

Signs of The Times?

Mentor Graduate Unconscious Bypass

1) When a Mentor graduate does not distinguish between medical doing-to touch from non-medical non-doing touch.

For example, offering (BCST) Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Stillness Touch (ST) as if they are complimentary.

2) A Mentor graduate who cannot discern if they touch from an ascending or descending current of consciousness.

Example: offering "Remote Healing Stillness Touch" which is the opposite of embodied touch.

3) Not understanding that the above examples is bypass.

4) Graduates who spread the falsehood that it was Franklyn Sills who introduced the biodynamic approach when in fact it was Rollin Becker. 

5) Mentor graduates who cling to the tides, to Dynamic Stillness, to the biodynamic ascending current, or to the biodynamic map can be misused to bypass and recoil from love to avoid the descent of consciousness into our flesh.

6) Graduates in a codependent teacher-student relationship due to the cult of personality, which so weakens a student's will that the Psychotic Core of the Beast is unleashed.

7) Graduates who judge that reporting uncomfortable facts, or pointing out the signs of the Apocalypse is negative, and therefore, it is not spiritual.

8) Graduates who disdain Pure Breath of Love and deny that it is a Post-biodynamic non-tidal enfoldment of consciousness.

For more signs of unconscious bypass, click the three links below:

Practitioner Recoils That Impede Pure Breath of Love

Unconscious Recoils From Love

Craniosacral Podcast

 What Is The Antidote To Bypass?

Ferocious Self-Responsibility

'Take Up Your Bed And Walk Your Grail Journey"

I am heartbroken that so many Mentor graduates are stuck in unconscious bypass due to a fatal flaw in the way the Mentor format was taught, and I did nothing about it! 

I created Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor teaching format, and I take full responsibility for its flaws.

To antidote the bypass I have observed, which was due to the way the Mentor format was taught - I created 3 new Master Classes, and I have revived my 12-year dormant Practitioner Immersion & Teacher Training Program.  

I eliminated the Mentor format because it was misused to create teacher codependence that, in turn, weakens a student’s will. Instead of teacher codependence, the new Master Classes emphasize ferocious-hearted self-responsibility.

The Dynamic Stillness School offers three categories of new classes: 3 Master Classes, Immersion Teacher Training Courses, and Stillness Touch Lay Courses. Each course type has detailed self-paced take home practices with study guides that support the descent of consciousness.

1) The Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love Master Class offers Meditations and Stillness Touch Contacts to strengthen the will to meet what arises with an unwavering presence of stillness that emanates love from the cells of your flesh. 

2) In the Grail Journey Master Class, you are provided with a detailed Grail Journey with practices to face and integrate our Core Wounds, which when left to fester only grow in strength.

3) The Bypass Master Class illuminates the qualities of the Beast that arise when bypass becomes so chronic that it activates our Psychotic Core due to the co-opting of our Soul forces that express the shadows of the Beast.

4) The Practitioner Immersion & Teacher Training Courses combine the three Master Classes as a deep dive into the book Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love.

5) It was also necessary to overhaul the practitioner list: now it only has Certified Practitioners that I personally certify each year, which ensures that Certified Stillness Touch Practitioners operate within the descending current of that enfleshes love, rather than from the ascending current, which creates bypass.

6) I created a new certification process of engaging in a one-to-one dialogue with me, without having to attend a class every year, even though taking a class remains an option.

Review of Professional Training Classes

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Take 3 Master Classes To Certify In Stillness Touch

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* Enquiry, Stillness & Teacher Codependence as Bypass 

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Evolution Of Our Professional Training 
From Biodynamic to Post-Biodynamic

It was in 1999 that I developed the Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor Course. In the Mentor Course I taught that a practitioner neutral of BE STILL, frees the unerring potency of the tides that then ushers consciousness on an ascending Biodynamic Journey to free consciousness from the ego. At Dynamic Stillness we realize I AM, when ends the biodynamic journey because the tides disappear. The Sutherlands articulated this realization of the total biodynamic map on their headstones using the words:


I taught ancient ascending current spiritual practices to contact the tides, which helped practitioners realize I AM (Read Stillness Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness).

Now, 23 years later, I published Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love and I replaced the Mentor Course with 3 Master Classes. The Master Classes emphasize the descending Grail Journey by which the spirit is enfleshed by love:



Biodynamic Cranial Touch is an Ascending Journey that leads to


Whereas the Master Class is a Post-biodynamic Descending Grail Journey
Guided by Pure Breath of Love


The Fundamental Grail Journey Challenge: 
Apply No Efference

Efference blocks the decent of consciousness, which prevents our Grail Journey.

Efference Means 'Carry Out'

Efference carries out awareness, recoiling it from our inner body sanctum by projecting it away from contact with the Presence of Stillness. When consciousness projects out of our inner-body sanctum, it is a bypass that leads to recoil from love.

Practitioner bypass includes enquiring into the biodynamic tides, clinging to stillness, objectifying a recipient, feeling anatomy or the nervous system, looking for lesion patterns and symptoms, making suggestions, and offering intentions as treatments, visualizing the tides or primary respiration, holding a desire to heal the recipient, and the mixing up of multiple types of cranial: Practitioner Recoils That Impede Pure Breath of Love (Chapter 3 Stillness Touch).

Efference Creates Inertia, Dysfunction, & Dis-ease

We cease efference by cultivating Stillness Practices that yield our consciousness to Pure Breath of Love, which exists prior to the tides (Chapter 9 Stillness Touch).

When Biodynamic Tides Disappear at I AM
It marks the End of the Biodynamic Map


If We Choose To Continue our journey 
Wait in Dynamic Stillness until I AM Descends 
into the Cells and emanates Pure Breath of Love 
That Guides You on a Post-biodynamic Grail Journey


Origins Of The Master Class

Again, I created the Biodynamic Cranial Touch Initiatory & Mentor Course teaching format in 1999, which I taught until 2010. Meanwhile, in 2007, I was invited to teach Biodynamic Osteopaths in Toulouse and Paris. Those classes led to the publication of a beautiful expanded French edition of Stillness translated by Olivier Fourteau, DO. Olivier also translated e-Book Cahier de Pratique (Stillness Practices for Practitioners) that is available in our STORE. 

Beginning this May 2022, I am offering classes exclusively for Biodynamic Osteopaths in Provence.

Then, in 2013 I was invited to teach graduates of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) in Italy, which led to the publication of Stillness in Italian that was lovingly translated by Lydia Pearson, Bea Arico, Annalisa Martini, and Giselle Bridger. 

In 2014, the Kripalu Center For Yoga and Health invited me to teach Stillness Touch Lay Classes. Meanwhile, Kripalu also asked that I to teach his Stillness Touch principles to Kripalu's entire Health Services Staff for two years. Kripalu called this two-year course a "Master Class." That, along with a suggestion from a German osteopath, is what inspired the Master Class as the name of the professional training courses.

The next year 2015, Martin Srdce of the Czech Craniosacral Association fundraised to translate and publish Stillness in Czech. Martin also asked that I teach postgraduate courses in Prague.

Today, all my Prague classes are organized and deeply supported by Abha Sajwel, the founder of the Institut CS Biodynamiky, along with her encouragement to translate Stillness Touch into Czech. This May 2022, there were 80 Souls in two classes in Prague.

Meanwhile, in 2015, Daniel Agustoni author and founder of the Sphinx Craniosacral Institute asked me to teach post-graduate classes in Basel. Daniel's selfless labor of love gave birth to the publication by Via Nova of my German book Präsent in der Stille. Dynamic Stillness Press recently published Stillness Touch in German. See the schedule for August 2022 in Basel.

See "Who Can Enroll in Master Class" below.

Charles' Books Create Explosive Demand for Dynamic Stillness School Courses


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Stillness Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness 
English, Japanese, French, Italian, Czech, (Spanish soon). 

Stillness Practices
e-Book for Practitioners in English, French, Deutsche

Stillness Practices for Non-Practitioners
Lay e-Book in English

Stillness Touch: The Art of  Transmitting Love 
Lay e-Book in English, Deutsche

The Missing Glossary 
Practitioner e-Book in English

Dynamic Stillness Press Books

Prasent in der Stille

Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love 
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Stillness Touch die Vereinigung von Körper und Liebe

Coming soon: Stillness in Spanish, and Stillness Touch in French, Czech, and Spanish

 How Does Bypass Block The Evolution Of Consciousness?

In bypass, we get stuck in stillness, enquire into tides, or become codependent with a teacher,
 each of which blocks the conscious descent into our shadows, which, in turn grow stronger.

If free of bypass, our descending Grail Journey is guided by Pure Breath of Love. 
Pure Breath of Love is a non-tidal pulse - that is off the biodynamic cranial osteopathy map - that leads to the union of body and love.

 The Master Class
Is My Response To Chronic Bypass

You receive descending Stillness Practices that unite the body with love
based on the book Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love

The Master Class abides by Sutherland's non-doing:


Then, we wait in I AM that begins a descending Grail Journey where 
Body As Consciousness Emanates Pure Breath Of Love


To Practitioners of Any Healing Modality:
Welcome to the Master Class!

The Master Class supports all practitioners

We offer specific Stillness Practices that deepen your inner-body sensing abilities. Any practitioner can enjoy body-felt, living contact with Pure Breath of Love. The Master Class emphasizes a descent within the body by resting in the heart's radiance at the SA node while reposing in the pelvic floor to sense what arises within.  

Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love characterizes this journey of descent as a post-biodynamic Stillness Touch practice.

The Master Class combines the essence of Stillness Chapter 9, e-book Stillness Practices, and the book Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love (Or the German/Italian equivalents). We thoroughly explore the post-biodynamic mapless domain of consciousness of Pure Breath of Love.

Practitioners realize the mysterious alchemy of Stillness Touch that emanates love flesh-to-flesh through entrainment without being the doer.

 Practitioner Take Home Practices And Support

In the Master Classes and the Immersion Courses you receive self-paced take-home practices and a study guide that supports you in navigating your hidden blocks that unconsciously recoil you from love that arise from Core Wounds.

Who can enroll in the Master Class?

Master Classes are open to all health care practitioners. 

If you wish to certify in Stillness Touch and be listed as a practitioner on the Dynamic Stillness School web site, you complete three Master Classes and successfully pass a written exam. Annual renewal of your certification is required.

Again, Master Class principles and practices are easily integrated into any healing modality such as medical physicians, osteopaths, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, homeopaths, naturopaths, bodyworkers, water workers, spiritual teachers, specialists who practice posture and movement such as Pilates, Continuum, Alexander, somatic experience, and yoga teachers, to name a few.

Click Here For More Questions

The Grail Journey Of Love

Realization of the sacred pulse of Pure Breath of Love evolves Dr. Sutherland's profound gift


I AM is the end of the biodynamic osteopath map.

After I AM implodes into our cells,
we enter a Post-biodynamic Grail Journey Of Love.


The practice of orienting inwardly at the SA Node opens the heart field that emanates the Presence of Stillness as a radiant field of infinite Pure Consciousness. Meanwhile, reposing in the space of the pelvic floor facilitates powerful encounters with the Sacred Pulse of Pure Breath of Love. Here, you contact the immense universal unerring potency that makes the body, heals the body, and evolves consciousness, which leads to an inner union of the body with the love that creates all that is, and which is stronger than death. 

Link to Master Classes 

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