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Can We Bear A Love That Is Stronger Than Death?

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Celebrating 50 Years of Cranial Study

1973 - 2023

In 1973, a single cranial session infinitely expanded my consciousness for 30 days, which began my life-long cranial study that now spans 50 years.

My teacher, osteopath Dr. De Jarnette, was a student of Dr. Sutherland, the father of all cranial work.

I regarded my cranial studies as a spiritual journey and I revered touch as an ancient art of laying on of hands that has been practiced for thousands of years in all spiritual traditions.

When medicine took over the healing arts, it separated touch as a sacred mystery rite, and turned it into a mechanical treatment system. Medicine reduced the body to a machine controlled by the nervous system.

Any "holistic" method that focuses on the nervous system to heal the body, diminishes the mystery that creates and heals the body.

The Limits of the Biodynamic Cranial Approach 

Biodynamic cranial approaches that harness the power to heal access the ascending tidal expressions of consciousness that lead to the realization of I AM, the Self.

However, a major pitfall is the clinging to the biodynamic tides which are ascending current expressions of consciousness. If we remain stuck in the ascending tidal domains of consciousness, we cannot realize our second birth. Why?

Because when we are stuck in ascent, the ego engages numerous strategic habits that recoil our consciousness away from the potency to avoid an utter surrender to Dynamic Stillness.

This is known as spiritual bypass, which prevents I AM, which is the consciousness of Dynamic Stillness, from descending into the body to implode into the cells.

It is not until after I AM implodes into the cells that our second birth occurs as the enfleshment of the Sacred Pulse of Pure Breath of Love that is stronger than death.

After enfleshment, the heart's SA Node emanates Pure Breath of Love. 

Pure Breath of Love's pulse reveals the body is a sacred vessel of love.
When we touch from this 'seat' of repose, it evokes the sacred qualities of the divine feminine power inside a recipient.

Realizing Divine Feminine power as the Holy Grail re-spiritualizes matter, which restores its original magma-like quality as a super-substance of love that unifies all things.

In contrast, medical touch manipulates the nervous system to increase or decrease the functions of the body, which resembles a mechanic who adjusts the electronics to control an engine.

Any biodynamic cranial approach that remains stuck in the tides bypasses the utter surrender of consciousness to Dynamic Stillness, which prevents our second birth, and we fail to realize an enfleshed union of body, consciousness, and love.

In 1977, I founded a Cranial Study Group while in college. Then in 1981, I began training people from all walks of life in Manhattan. I taught lay self-care classes, spoke at the Whole Life Expos nationwide, and I wrote a regular "Self-Care Column" for the Whole Life Times Magazine. I founded the Whole Life Center with an MD homeopath, one of the first integrative centers in the USA.

I met psychotherapist and author Robert Johnson (trained by Karl Jung) in 1986 and for 12 years, he mentored me one-to-one in Jungian's depth psychology.

In the 1990's, I developed a system of anointing with Hauschka oils that harmonize the fourfold organ system based on Rhythmic Massage developed by Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman. I presented my original work in Seattle at the Anthroposophic Medical Conference (PAAM) in 1995. After 12 years, this impulse evolved into Sacred Body Rites.

In 1995, I began teaching my meditative principles and touch practices at the Pacific School of Homeopathy. I was also spontaneously experiencing the tides as states of consciousness, which subsequently inspired my writing and teaching.

Since 1977, I have certified dozens of teachers, trained thousands of practitioners and lay people worldwide through my two schools Dynamic Stillness and Sacred Body Rites.

Now I teach Stillness Touch Master Classes for professional practitioners, offer lay courses, private intensives, write, and publish.

I live in Puerto Vallarta with my spouse Julia Aquino, who translates and teaches Spanish Stillness Touch courses in Mexico, Latin America, and Spain.

My Immersion Course celebrates my life's work that spans 50 years from 1973 to 2023.
I offered the Immersion in Prague and Puerto Vallarta in 2022, and I will offer my Immersion in Basel August 10-13, 2023

After 50 years, I am approaching my sunset with teaching worldwide.
The bodily toll of international travel is nearly intolerable and I long to return to my original vocation of gardening.  

Perhaps you will join me in 2023


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