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Charles' Class in Basel 

Class Descriptions (English) Click Below:
Post-Biodynamic Graduate Class Descriptions

Basel September 3-6, 2020

SA Node: Heart as Organ of Perception

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Books by Charles Ridley

Präsent in der Stille
Neues Buch auf Deutsch

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Osteopathische Medizin Buch Review

Italiano - Expanded Edition

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French - Expanded Edition
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Practitioner eBooks
by Charles Ridley

Stillness Practices
(For Practitioners):
In English, Française, and Deutsch

The Missing Glossary (English): STORE

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NEW! Blog About a Post-Graduate Class:

Blog 1: Meeting Charles
Blog 2: Stillness: An Osteopathic Journey

Listen to the Craniosacral Podcast:

Death of Biodynamics CLICK HERE

Deutsche Übersetzung des Craniosacral Podcast
1 Tod der Biodynamik Klicken Sie hier
2 Tod der Biodynamik Klicken Sie hier
3 Tod der Biodynamik Klicken Sie hier

Read Blog that Inspired Craniosacral Podcast:

Death of Biodynamics CLICK HERE TO READ

Lesen Sie den Blog auf Deutsch - Klicken Sie unten:
Der Tod der Biodynamik im Bereich der Cranio-Arbeit

Watch the Czech Interview

Non-medical Stillness Touch VIDEO

Toque de quietud no médico:
Video con subtítulos en español

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Nicht-medizinische Stille Berührungerman

Über Seite:
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What is the Stillness Touch Lay Class? VIDEO
(English with German Translation)

What is the Stillness Touch Practitioner Class? VIDEO
(English with German Translation)

Download the PDF:

Differences between Stillness Touch and BCST

STORE: Meditations and eBooks

Meditations: STORE

Part 1: Fundamental Disposition
Part 2: Meditation 

eBooks: STORE

eBook of Meditations for Practitioners: Stillness Practices For Practitioners: STORE
(Available in English, French, and German)

The Missing Glossary: STORE

eBooks For Non-Practitioners

1) Stillness Touch: The Art of Transmitting Love: STORE

Required Reading for the Stillness Touch Lay Class

2) Stillness Practices For Non-Practitioners: STORE
eBook with Meditations for Non-Practitioners (Most of the cranial jargon has been removed)

2020 Initiatory and Mentor Classes
with Giorgia Milne

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Click Here for Podcast: Giorgia Milne's Podcast

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