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Two Excellent John Wilks Interviews:

1) Link to Neutral Interview

Download Companion Chart On The Neutral:

2) Link to Interview on Dynamic Stillness 

Dynamic Stillness Interview Companion eBook
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Three Master Classes with seats available:
1) Sedona - Master Class 1 - open to everyone 
2) Basel - Master Class 1 - open to everyone
3) Prague - Master 3 - hybrid class - open to everyone 

The Last USA 2024 Master Class 1 

(Open to 

July 11-14 - 4 Seats Left - Register Now 

Master Class 1 Topics
 Stillness Touch the way that Sutherland taught his inner circle of osteopaths.

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Basel (English & Deutsch)

12.-15.9 - Meisterklasse 1
(Master Class 1 - English translated to Deutsch)
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(Open to Everyone - this class filled in 2023 - register early)

(English & Deutsch)
19.-22.9 - Meisterklasse 3
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Master Class 3 - FULL
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PRAGUE (English & Czech)

Master Class 3 - Class is 50% Full - register now!
How Efference, Fear & Desire Bypasses Sacred Repose  
September 26-29, 2024

*** This is a Special Hybrid Class - Open to Everyone
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Charles Ridley CZ
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Renowned Prague Video Interview (11,800 views):

Transcript of the Renowned Prague Interview:

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