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Stillness Touch: A Post-Biodynamic Practice

Dynamic Stillness Press New Book:

Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love 

Stillness Touch characterizes the post-biodynamic Grail Journey, by which consciousness descends into the body and unites with love. Click Here to Order


Six words etched on Dr. and Mrs. Sutherland's headstones ingeniously convey the total map of biodynamic osteopathy in the cranial field.

A practitioner who commits to Dr. Sutherland's non-doing principles of BE STILL can realize I AM at Dynamic Stillness, which marks the culmination of Dr. Sutherland's total biodynamic map.

Sutherland's original impulse occurred 56 years prior to the above epitaph as "The thought came like a bolt of lightning from the blue 'beveled like the gills of a fish' indicating articular mobility for a respiratory mechanism."

Dr. Sutherland introduced a physical mechanism that he called the cranial respiratory impulse (CRI), which later evolved to become an unerring potency that breathes a human being into existence as the Breath of Life.

With deep humility, Dr. Sutherland said of his cranial concept "It is not mine. It has never been." 

After his death, protégé Dr. Becker developed Dr. Sutherland's non-doing principles. In his book, Life In Motion (1997) Becker coined biodynamics, characterized the neutral, presented the inner sensual qualities of the tides, and introduced Dynamic Stillness, a term he borrowed from Kashmir Shaivism, his spiritual practice. Becker taught that neutral is the fulcrum for the tides that lead us to Dynamic Stillness, where the tides dissolve in the pure potency of I AM.

The biodynamic map ends when fluid and long tide disappears in Dynamic Stillness at I AM. 

A post-biodynamic domain of consciousness emerges after I AM descends to implode into the cells.
Here, every cell emanates a sacred pulse called the Spanda, or Pure Breath of Love
That Unites the Body with Love.

Becker's biodynamic teaching and practice was informed by his spiritual path Kashmir Shaivism, which is a descending current spiritual practice to realize the Spanda, yet he did not teach it publicly. However, Jacques Duvall, French osteopath and Becker's protégé, deepened Becker's spiritual impulse by introducing ancient Vedic spiritual principles and practices to French DO's.  

Subsequently, Sutherland's student Anne Wales and Becker's student James Jealous formed the New England Cranial Study Group. These DO's developed an elegant conceptual map of biodynamics and crafted the official osteopathic terms, definitions, and the boundaries of osteopathic biodynamics as compared to biomechanical and functional work. James Jealous spread the New England Group's labor of love worldwide until his unexpected death in February 2021.

Click the link below to review the total biodynamic map that leads to the post-biodynamic practice of Stillness Touch

Neutral⇒Fluid Tide⇒Long Tide⇒Dynamic Stillness

When the fluid and long tides dissolve in Dynamic Stillness that is the end of the biodynamic map.

The New England study groups' precise definition of a biodynamic neutral is when stillness fills the whole-body out of which the tides emerge to evolve consciousness toward a realization of the unerring potency of Dynamic Stillness.

Recall that Dr. Sutherland said his impulse 'dawned in him like a bolt of lightning' 123 years ago, and his living Spirit continues to inspire anyone who is dedicated to his non-doing principles.

The Dynamic Stillness School
Circa 1973

The seed was born in 1973 for the creation of the Dynamic Stillness School when by grace I received a single sutural cranial session that bestowed the realization of an infinite presence of stillness as I AM for 30 days.

After that session, I became a devout student of osteopath Dr. DeJarnette who was Dr. Sutherland's student. I studied and practiced Sutherland's biomechanical and functional principles for 23 years, and then, Dr. Sutherland's biodynamic impulse spontaneously emerged in 1996.

In 1996, overwhelming encounters with the tides began to occur during sessions. To integrate these bewildering experiences, I daily sat in meditation with my heart field opened to Dr. Sutherland's essence. I wrote everything that came to me. Since I had been meditating for 22 years prior to 1996, I developed grounding and centering Stillness Practices that embody and integrate the intensity of the tidal states of consciousness. The practices I developed were based on ancient spiritual practices (See e-Book Stillness Practices For Practitioners).

An "Aha" Moment

One morning, while sitting in meditation, it dawned on me 'biodynamic cranial practice evolves consciousness.' 

It is obvious now that consciousness evolves inside the neutral, yet that insight had 'not yet' permeated the biodynamic cranial group field in 1996.

My tidal experiences, plus student encounters in my Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor classes confirmed that neutral, the tides, and Dynamic Stillness are states of consciousness. Stillness Biodynamic Cranial Practice And The Evolution Of Consciousness Chapters 5-9 documents those tidal states of consciousness: Click here for the CHART.

I also felt a need to clarify in one place Sutherland's three types of cranial that he developed, and I emphasize the importance of the neutral. The impulse to clarify the types of cranial work arose after I participated in an advanced biodynamic craniosacral therapy (BCST) class that managed to destroy all of Dr. Sutherland's principles of biodynamics. In that class, there was no neutral, no fluid tide, no long tide, no Breath of Life, and no Dynamic Stillness. Rather, the group field was permeated by an empty void, out of which a virtual biodynamic reality arose. Besides me, three other seasoned biodynamic practitioners who were outsiders participated in that class. All four of us experienced the shock of the empty void (See Stillness p 61-63).

My shocking experience of the empty void in that class inspired me to clearly distinguished between biomechanical, functional, and biodynamic practices by compileing in one place the precisely crafted osteopathic definitions (See Stillness Chapters 1-4). For more on the qualities encountered when a virtual biodynamics is taught or offered in an empty void: Click Here Death of Biodynamics Blog

When Immersed In Neutral Amid 'Not Knowing' Insight Arises Retrospectively

When I look back, I realize that a new enfoldment of consciousness had emerged that was off the biodynamic map: This enfoldment, Pure Breath of Love, emerged during a Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor Course in 2003 (For a characterization, see Chapter 9 Stillness).

Our mutual group field realized I AM at Dynamic Stillness, and then a sublime Divine Feminine Presence of Love emerged and escorted our group consciousness across the threshold, off the biodynamic map, into a non-tidal whole-body Sacred Pulse of Love that is united with the heart's SA Node.

I say 'off the map' because the biodynamic tides were gone! They disappeared in Dynamic Stillness after we realize BE STILL AND KNOW I AM.

However, we waited in Dynamic Stillness ... for nothing ... The Fulcrum emerged and I AM descended to implode and suffuse all the cells with Pure Breath of Love as a whole-body non-tidal sacred pulse of love that emerges in union with the pulse of the SA node. 

The Descent of I AM is The Fulcrum for realizing
Pure Breath of Love
 And the body unites with a love that is stronger than death 
Pure Breath of Love re-spiritualizes the body and becomes Love
(See Stillness Touch Chapter 9).

A 'Not Yet' Event in NOW

It turns out, in retrospect, that the Divine Feminine, by Grace, revealed to our Mentor group her non-tidal post-biodynamic domain of consciousness that we now call Pure Breath of Love.

This event, which had never before been documented in the biodynamic cranial field, is briefly characterized in Stillness Chapter 9. Now Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love thoroughly articulates and characterizes Pure Breath of Love as a non-tidal, post-biodynamic enfoldment of consciousness. 

Biodynamic Ascending

Post-Biodynamic Descending

Pure Breath of Love emanates a whole body, all-cell pulse that quivers in union with the SA Node.

As mentioned, Dr. Becker's spiritual path, Kashmir Shaivism, calls this pulse the Spanda, or the Sacred Tremor. Swedenborg calls it tremulation, and Buddhism calls it the 'completion stage.' Completion practices require ferocious-hearted consciousness and a strength of will by which we can bear to face everything in us that is split off and prevents wholeness. Completion integrates all the recoils to love into consciousness until we realize our Wholeness.

The Dynamic Stillness School explicitly offers this unique path to practitioners offering any modality.
(Read Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love)

 The Fulcrum
And Post-Biodynamic 
Is The Cellular Implosion Of I AM

At Dynamic Stillness we realize I AM at infinity, the tides dissolve in the Potency and the biodynamic map ends.

I AM is a Fulcrum that changes the direction of the current of our consciousness: instead of consciousness being guided by the ascending biodynamic tides, consciousness descends into the cells as non-tidal sacred pulse of love that begins our post-biodynamic journey. 

Post-biodynamic realizations emerge after consciousness descends, I AM implodes into the cells and emanates the Sacred Pulse of Pure Breath of Love.

Not only is Pure Breath of Love a non-tidal, all-cell, whole-body pulse, it also escorts consciousness on a mapless Grail Journey that asks for our total surrender to Love, including our body as consciousness. If we choose to surrender to Pure Breath of Love, our Completion Stage Grail Journey of descent begins.

The Grail Journey Of Love

By Grace, the Dynamic Stillness School introduced Pure Breath of Love as Undifferentiated Pure Breath of Life. Now, 20 years later, the Divine Feminine presents us with a new challenge: 

"The time is NOW to Strengthen Your Will
Take Up Your Bed And Walk Your Grail Journey"

Do We Bypass To Avoid Our Grail Journey?

Mustering the will to walk our Grail Journey is not easy because habitual efference weakens our will, which creates multiple forms of bypass that has trapped far too many Mentor graduates as follows.

Enquiry, Stillness, Co-Dependance, and Hatred of Pure Breath of Love

Enquiry Into Tides As Bypass

Clinging to the biodynamic tidal map by enquiring into the myriad of ascending tidal phenomena (that is created by enquiry!) keeps consciousness held high to prevent the realization of I AM. This stops the descent of consciousness from imploding into the cells of the body.

Stillness As Bypass

Stillness as bypass holds consciousness hostage in the empty void.

Codependance As Bypass

Codependency arises if a teacher transmits a dysfunctional parent-child dynamic, by taking on the role of the good parent who is always available to rescue the poor broken child, which obviously weakens the will of an adult student.

Chronic Bypass Weakens The Will And Prevents Pure Breath of Love's Enfleshment.

Chronic bypass can trigger the Beast, who harbors a Psychotic Core hatred that derides Pure Breath of Love.

To address the chronic bypass, codependency, and Psychotic Core hatred that I observed in far too many Mentor Graduates, I created post-graduate courses in 2015, that are now integrated into new Master Classes: 

1) Grail Journey
2) By-Pass

When I saw that Mentor graduates were unconsciously stuck in chronic bypass, it sounded the alarm of another 'not yet' moment that has grown into an urgent call to any Stillness Touch Practitioner who longs to inwardly prepare to meet our times in full consciousness. 

To further address bypass, I overhauled the Certified Practitioner List: only those who personally certify with me offer Stillness Touch the way I teach it.

I also founded Dynamic Stillness Press, which has published Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love that thoroughly documents the post-biodynamic, non-tidal, Grail Journey. Stillness Touch is the source book for the new Master Classes that replace my Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor course.

The Master Class is for anyone who hears the inner call to begin their Grail Journey: Click Here For More Details

Body As Consciousness: 
A Sacred Vessel Of Love

Pure Breath of Love

Pure Breath of Love is the quintessential enfoldment that arises after realizing I AM at Dynamic Stillness. When I AM implodes within and suffuses our cells it frees consciousness from the ego's controlling strategies of bypass that recoil us from love. Once consciousness is free, Pure Breath of Love emanates a Sacred Pulse of Love that is known as the Spanda in Kashmir Shaivism. 

Stillness Touch

A Stillness Touch practitioner surrenders the body as consciousness and lets Pure Breath of Love take them.

Pure Breath of Love
Guides Your Stillness Touch Sessions And Your Life

A practitioner reposes in the presence of stillness inside the heart's self-existing radiance while reposed in the pelvic floor with an inner oriented, free-flowing attention.

While offering Stillness Touch, we do not efferently leave our ‘seat’ inside or orient to stillness or a tide 'out there.' Nor do we efferently enquire into the tides to derive meaning, which by-passes the Unerring Potency. There is no feeling the anatomy, or visualization of the nervous system, no tracking, no visualizing primary respiration as an outside force, no looking for the cranial wave's inertial motion patterns or tides, no seeking midlines or zones Also, you do not name events, or dialogue with a recipient about their process that unfolds during the session. All these efferent practices create inertia that not only leads to practitioner-induced treatment reactions in the recipient, it also blocks Wholeness.

Dr. & Mrs. Sutherland’s last words implored us to:


After Realizing I AM
The Tides Dissolve
The Biodynamic Map Ends

When I AM Implodes
Your Post-Biodynamic
Grail Journey Of Love Begins


A student who realized Pure Breath of Love said Stillness Touch isn’t biodynamic cranial work anymore, is it? (See Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love p 174)

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