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Teacher Training Immersion

Teacher Training Immersion


Lying dormant for 12 years, my resurrected Immersion Course begins this December 2-5.

It is open to Dynamic Stillness Graduates & practitioners who've taken the Initiatory or my Post-Graduate courses. 

What Is The Immersion?

The Immersion is a deep dive into my new book Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love that updates, refines, clarifies, and evolves enfleshing the practice of Stillness Touch.

The Immersion distills 3 Master Classes into one, and includes self-paced take home practices that deepen and integrate the topics in each class.

The Immersion is the first step for a practitioner who wants to teach Stillness Touch. 

 Do You Want To Become a Teacher?

Teacher Training Immersion Qualifications

You own a successful school, or you have prior teaching experience, the Teacher Training Immersion can lead to becoming a Stillness Touch teacher.

Click "Teacher Training Immersion" below for its history and details:


Your commitment to the Teacher Training Immersion - as a Path to being a Stillness Touch teacher - requires you to utterly walk the talk by reposing as you are in your unique authenticity by which you express your gifts and transpersonal powers, which are your Siddhis. 

Siddhis are fruits you harvest by navigating the shadows of your Core Erotic Wound. During the Immersion, you cultivate your heart-courage to take up your Grail Journey to integrate and enflesh all that you are with Pure Breath of Love.

This is the path of Enfleshment, a descending journey by which your body emanates love, which supports your students and Stillness Touch recipients in navigating their mapless journey into Love.   

Your Body Is A Sacred Vessel Of Love


I'm Pondering Becoming A Teacher
What Are Some Practical Considerations?  

There are many factors to consider while deciding to commit to a Teacher Training Immersion, so I’ll paint a transparent picture that includes the practical business challenges. I will also share pitfalls from real examples based on my experiences with DS School teachers. 

First, you are an independent contractor with the business aim of establishing your Stillness Touch Classes - Master Classes, Annual Gatherings, Lay Classes, Couple Classes, Meditation Evenings, Private Intensives, etc.

Nuts & Bolts of Making a Profit

If you want to make a rewarding income teaching Stillness Touch, a crucial business skill is manage your money, which means watch your expenses!

Watch Your Expenses

Unscrupulous organizers who take advantage of out-of-country teachers can cost you dearly (See example below). Then there's excessive compensation for work-study exchanges, the cost of too many assistants, fluctuating exchange rates, and travel expenses that secretly drain profits. If you do not keenly manage all the money draining factors, there will be low profits. The stress of poor money management can turn one bitter, as we shall see below.

An example of an unscrupulous organizer: An organizer, who I have not met, recently offered to pay me $6,000 for a 4-day class in Prague. However, my Prague class size has averaged 46 students for 5 years, so that organizer would keep $30,000 and I’d get $6,000. This 80:20% split benefits the organizer who keeps 80% and the teacher is paid 20% of the income collected. Whereas a normal % split is 40:60 in which 40% goes to the organizer & 60% is for the teacher.

Caveat: Money Issues Can Unleash The Shadow

Earning low profits for a lot of hard work creates stress, which if prolonged can wear you down and trigger the shadow. A disgruntled victim will shift the blame onto the royalty for low profit woes, when it is of our own making by letting expenses explode. Let's be honest, money is a physical form of will, or Eros, so poor money management confesses a lack of self-worth derived from self hatred.

Here is an example of how the money shadow expresses when it is unleashed:

Years ago several people began reporting that a DS School teacher was telling students(!) that paying me a royalty caused them to make no money. Gullible, business-naive students believed the teacher, and accused me of being a bad guy who took advantage of the teacher by charging royalties.

The teacher also broke the code of ethics and crossed boundaries by haranguing my exclusive class organizers, complaining to them how unfair it is to pay Charles nearly $200,000 USD, over a 5-year period, for which Charles did nothing.

What the teacher did not mention was that the $200K royalty was based on earning $1,275,000 USD over 5 years.

The question is: where did the remaining $1,075,000 USD go?

That's one million seventy-five thousand dollars, ($215,000 USD per year), after paying the royalty.

This actual event exposed that the teacher lacked the keen business sense to earn a rewarding income for a lot of hard work, or the shadow will take over.

Let's Investigate If It Is True That A 15% Royalty Causes Me To Earn A Low Income?

Numbers Do Lot Lie, So Let's See For Ourselves
Here is the accounting of the gross and net income of a Dynamic Stillness School teacher: Income

 I Pay A Royalty To Teach Your Classes! What For? 

Your 15% royalty, which is only for the professional training that is now called the Master Class, minimally compensates me for thousands of hours I invested to provide you with a turn-key system of support so you can teach all Dynamic Stillness School Courses as outlined below:

1) I create all the DS School courses, develop the curriculum, and recently upgraded the teaching format to better support enfleshment.

2) I provide you with a comprehensive teacher's manual with detailed study guides for each course.

3) I create all class handouts, the homework and student study guides, and Class flyers.

4) I articulate the ever-deepening evolution of Stillness Touch by writing books, articles, interviews, audios, and videos. 

5) Dynamic Stillness Press publishes my books in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Czech (which costs me $4,000 per book).

6) I market all classes on DS.COM with a link to your classes: 85% of the website is devoted to the professional training Master Classes (and prior to that, the Mentor).

7) I continually develop student resources for deepening the enfleshment of Stillness Touch by publishing FREE transcribed interviews, podcasts, blogs, charts, audio/videos and links for purchasing books worldwide. Click Links Below:

Buy Books
PDF Downloads

8) Over 35% of the students who enroll in your classes sign-up due to my efforts. That means you make over two times your royalty cost, thereby nullifying it.

9) You pay a royalty only when you teach the 'professional training' Master Classes - all other Dynamic Stillness School courses you teach are royalty free - as it has been since 2010.

10) I created a new (2021) take home self-paced Study Guide for students to deepen the enfleshment of Stillness Touch for each Master Class: each Study Guide is a mini-book.

How Much Income Can A Dynamic Stillness School Teacher Make?  

You can make as rewarding of an income as you wish, given you have the time, energy, competent organizers and you posses money management skills, as noted above: Income

As shown in the above PDF "Income," a Dynamic Stillness School teacher can earn 3 times more income than I, including the royalties I receive, even though I own and direct the school. 

How Does The DS School Royalty Compare To Similar Schools?

By comparison, a renowned Biodynamic Osteopathy School charges its teachers a 20% royalty for all 13 classes.

Upledger's CST & the BCST schools pay teachers a flat fee per class regardless of how large it is, which severely limits a teacher's income potential. 

To review more details on the history of the royalty, its past structure, and the current royalty, as well as the actual income of a DS School teacher click: 


Questions about the Immersion?

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