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Stillness Touch: The Art of Transmitting Love


Stillness Touch
Lay Class
Open to
For the Evolution of Consciousness

Stillness Touch Union of Body and Love
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The Stillness Touch lay class is open to anyone who wants to learn how to touch. We present the same principles that practitioners learn to evolve your consciousness.

Touch to Restore Body's Natural State

Class Overview

The Stillness Touch lay class is my response to the call of the times: to awaken to the creative force of love and let it in so your body can be restored as its Sacred Vessel.

Restore the body to its original state as a Sacred Vessel of Love through embodied inner sensing of the Presence of Stillness while offering Stillness Touch to loved ones.

Through Stillness Meditative Practices and non-doing Stillness Touch - we let what is be as it is - and transmit our essence, as love, to another by entrainment.

Stillness Practices: Finding Your Personal Inner Body Gateway to Love

We'll learn to embody the Presence of Stillness as a sensing of tone inside our inner body space, which is the portal for the sensuous flow of Eros that is united with the Wisdom of the Whole. By repeated contact with our inner body flow of Eros, we gradually cease self-intervention and gain access to body's natural state of wisdom.

Being guided by the wisdom of the body is the means by which we neither interfere with, collapse into, nor leave ourselves amid contact with intensity, intimacy, and paradox of love. We learn to be with all that Love illuminates about ourselves amid the self-revealing depths of Dynamic Stillness.

Restoring our body to its natural state of Wisdom and Innocence as a Sacred Vessel of Love will free our consciousness from the gripping and rejecting tendencies of the ego-based shadows of the personality structure.

Our body's Natural State reveals itself during certain inner body practices: Inner Stillness Meditations, Inner-body Breathing, Abiding inwardly in the Midline, Sensing the qualities and tones of Stillness in the Inner Body Atmosphere, inhabiting the three Centers - Head, Heart, Pelvis - with inner-sensing Presence while reposing in the SA Node of the Heart and Pelvis.

When all these practices unify as one process, it becomes the gateway to a Sacred Sense called Spiritual Touch, by which your whole inner body becomes an organ of perception that places you in direct contact with the singular living substance of Love that permeates and flows between body and world, as well as inner and outer infinite Stillness.

Stillness Touch: The Art of Transmitting Love

Designed to deepen through touch the inner body Stillness Meditation Practices that we learn, we touch in a manner that does not interfere with the freedom of the flow of life in the recipient's inner body, which when left unimpeded - as it is - expresses the sensuous flow of love.

Through inner body sensing, we navigate the tonal stages of the Presence of Stillness through Touch, which includes hands-on touch contacts as fulcrums of stillness, and waiting in Stillness until we are guided to come on and off the body. Then there is closure, integration, support, and validation, ... all this together frees the Wisdom, Consciousness, and Love inside the recipient's body.

Essentially, this class reveals that we are each capable of gifting to another Stillness Touch as a mysterious body-to-body silent transmission of love.

Detailed Philosophy of Stillness Touch

This class explores Stillness Meditation Practices and Stillness Touch as a path for the evolution of consciousness. Its principles are based on Kashmir Shaivism that teaches that the body is limitless sensation - a subtle vibratory web of vast shimmering consciousness - Dynamic Stillness - the Sacred Pulse of Spanda.

Body, therefore, is the quintessential expression of Life, Consciousness, Wisdom, and Love that includes the whole universe.

Your inner body space expresses the Sacred Pulse as a limitless tonal shimmering pulse. You realize this when you attune to sensations in your inner body space. Here, within your body, you rediscover the original state of body as a Sacred Pulse of infinite Love that creates all that is. You realize body as a non-localized, non-limited field of sensation that includes the totality - this is a non-dual state of reality and its natural state of unity with "the all."  A limited and separate body does not exist as the full, spectral reality. It is a contracted misperception, a limiting concept that is an illusion, and not the whole reality of the body.

            Love is the invisible flesh become visible as body.

By reposing in the sensations in your inner body, you may experience limitless, non-separate Love - as the body. Your practice is to abide inwardly in the Presence of Stillness and attend to the sensation of inner breath within your inner body space - its rhythms and its pathways - without any goal of transforming anything. Being united with your inner-body breathing process, attention becomes free and unites with the inner body pulse, the Divine Feminine Wisdom of the external and internal. You become aware of sensations arising as different aspects of the wisdom of the body as one whole spectrum that includes its various pulses, currents, zones of tension, paradoxical intensities, spaciousness, fluidities, luminescence, and expressions of Eros.

During inner body sensing, a soft subtle movement of inner breath arises as a non-contrived, non-formal pulsing that is natural and spontaneous, which unfolds itself slowly throughout your whole inner body space. This continuous fractal movement pulses as an inherent inner breathing that in Kashmir Shaivism is known as the Sacred Pulse of the Spanda.

The Sacred Pulse blossoms when you totally abandon your desire to objectify, “do to,” or modify something, and instead, surrender your will without any constraints by yielding it to your sensual inner-body breaths. This inner-body breathing takes root very low in the pelvis and it pulses through the whole inner body space as unending, infinite inner waves of Eros - the Sacred Pulse - which will caress and unravel tensions and restrictions that recoil our awareness away from Love.

In this deep, inner sensing of the whole of your inner being, the fears, doubts, and separating thoughts will softly melt into vibrant silence and become united in the Sacred Pulse of Love - a mysterious place that is the intersection between formless and form - the Dynamic Stillness.

It takes practice to abide in inner Stillness long enough to surrender to it and taste the infinite and subtle variations of your inner body Sacred Pulse of Love. It is difficult to master, because Dynamic Stillness unites three aspects of your being at once - head, heart, pelvis - that when combined unite body, mind, emotions and spirit. This sacred union frees attention, which unites with the pulse of Love that is expressed in the entire universe. We can maintain presence  without recoil, fear, and resistance.

Eventually, the whole of your body, mind, speech, emotion, and actions will become less and less constricted by ego's conceptual references, limiting beliefs, painful memories, recoil, reactivity, emotionality, and fear of the inner divine feminine. Your body with freed attention will open and flow harmoniously with the unfolding of the whole - as a Sacred Pulse - until you realize your body as LOVE.

Once your inner body opens to the Sacred Pulse, the deep, pure presence of Love suffuses your flesh, uniting all thoughts, speech, emotions, gestures, consciousness, will, and Love becomes flesh. You then discover true spontaneity, and the capacity to surrender deeper into life’s continuous multiplicity, unfolding as it is - as Love - that creates all that is.

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