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What are the Benefits of Practicing Stillness Touch?

The key to the practice of Stillness Touch is the practitioner disposition: you abide inwardly in the presence of stillness, steeped in the self-existing radiance of your heart, while reposed in the pelvic inner breathing portal in non-doing. Stillness Touch becomes transmission by entrainment whereby a recipient enjoys their body united with Love.

When a practitioner reposes in the disposition of repose, it leaves Pure Breath of Love free to lovingly suffuse healthy fractal motion into the inertial patterns of a client’s wounds by transmutation, which is the process of Whole-making. Healing that occurs in this Divine Feminine Heart Field of Love is beyond rational, and there are thousands of empirical reports that can only be characterized as miraculous - much like the creation of a human being from the union of two cells.

Wholeness occurs on all levels: symptoms may disappear in the body, psyche, and spirit. All systems are impacted: the musculoskeletal, immune, neurological, hormonal, visceral, psychological, learning, perception, meridians, chakras, central channel, bindu points, nadis, ....

Stillness Touch evokes a coherent process of whole making that unites all 'separate' parts with all Wholes, and it revels that the notion that separation of the body from love that creates all that is impossible - an irrelevant misperception of the ego.

As a Stillness Touch practitioner, you realize that there is no point along the spectrum of body, Pure Consciousness, and Pure Breath of Love where separation exists. A recipient can also realize this during a Stillness Touch session: they can sense the ways that their body precisely responds to the eternal song of boundless Consciousness that is in union with the Sacred Pulse of Love inside themselves.

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