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The Practitioner Is Not The Doer

Stillness Touch is NOT a medical approach:
Non-doing Means NO Efference

Efference is a fundamental medical practice that projects our consciousness out of the body into an empty void that, as an inertial field, objectifies, separates, creates dysfunction, dis-ease, and it recoils us from the potency, all of which hinders the evolution of our consciousness.

How do we practice non-efference according to Dr. Sutherland? 


1) Know you are not the doer.
2) Do not enquire into or seek meaning in the tides.
3) Do not misuse stillness as a bypass.
4) Avoid a codependent guru-disciple dynamic with a teacher.
5) Do not feel with your hands.
6) No diagnosis, treatment, medical model, or medical ethics.
7) Honor the field of mutuality in which there is no separation, no secrets, and no other.
8) Inwardly abide in the Presence of Stillness, the unerring potency that emanates as the self-existing radiance of your heart field.
9) Repose inwardly in the the Sacred Pulse of Divine Feminine Love, amid 'don't know.'

The phrase below depicts the neutral, the fundamental disposition: 

 Whatever Arises "Let it be. Leave it as it is. Let go of control amid an open-hearted repose in don't know."

When neutral, we dwell in a non-doing disposition, and can offer Stillness Touch that emanates love to a recipient. This presents the recipient with an opportunity to celebrate their body as consciousness that is united with Love.

Your Body Is A Sacred Vessel Of Love

Without efference, Pure Breath of Love emanates the Template of Wholeness that transmutes inertia that is stored in the flesh as armor due to our Core Wounds.

When the Divine Feminine is in charge while we touch, healing is a by-product.

When we touch from a non-medical perspective, it means we dwell inside, in a state of neutral, without efference. Then, Stillness Touch ignites the unerring potency of our self-existing radiant heart field that emanates the Presence of Stillness that unites body, consciousness, and love. We then sense the Sacred Pulse of Love with every heart beat.. 

The subsequent Whole-making we enjoy while offering Stillness Touch are beyond rational; it can only be characterized as miraculous - much like the creation of a human being from the union of two cells. Wholeness is realized on every level: recoils - as symptoms of separation - disappear in the body, psyche, soul, and spirit. 

We enjoy our Human-Beingness - a singular, seamless spectrum of Wholeness that includes the musculoskeletal, immune, neurological, hormonal, visceral, vascular, lymphatic, meridians, central channel, bindu points, nadis, chakras, Core Erotic Wounds, Psychotic Core, psychological, perceptual, somatic, psychic, subtle, causal, non-dual, and so it goes ... nothing is excluded.  

Reposing in non-efference exposes how preposterous a notion it is that separation exists: separation is an irrelevant, innocent misperception of the ego who buys into the medical approach to touch. Medicine, by definition, is anti-biodynamic.

By using medical practices - efference, objectification, separation, parts - one never realizes neutral. You can call that biodynamic if you like but it is a lie.

A Stillness Touch practitioner sees no point along the spectrum of the Body, Pure Consciousness, and Pure Breath of Love where separation exists: all 'separate' parts are united with all Wholes.

A recipient realizes Wholeness while sensing the body precisely respond to the eternal song of boundless Consciousness as the Presence of Stillness that is in union with the Sacred Pulse of Love.

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