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July 11-14, 2024 Sedona

This is my Last USA Master Class 1 in 2024; Master Class 2 is December 5-8, 2024.

Learn Stillness Touch based on Dr. Sutherland’s 1948 instructions on touch to realize I AM. If you follow his instructions on touch, it strengthens your will, frees your consciousness from the ego’s limiting grip, evolves your consciousness, and reunites your body with a love that is stronger than death. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS

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*** Lodging: numerous rooms are reserved for you next door and on-site. 

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Product Description

Learn Stillness Touch the way Sutherland taught to Osteopaths in his inner circle.

Open to any practitioner who is prepared to learn non-efferent non-medical touch.

This course resurrects the ancient healing art of Laying on of Hands, which was practiced by the founder of osteopathy.

~ In Master Class 1 you learn potent will-strengthening Meditations to open your heart as an organ of perception.  
~ You receive a Study Guide with the Stillness Meditations that evolve your consciousness, and photos of Stillness Touch contacts.
~ You practice hands-on contacts during 8 session exchanges with partners (16 sessions!). 
~ Once you complete Master Class 1 you can begin to offer Stillness Touch.

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