Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love

$900.00 $850.00

Learn Stillness Touch Practices that strengthen your will and frees your consciousness to unite your body with the love that is stronger than death.

Product Description

This Master Class provides will-strengthening Stillness Touch Practices that open your heart field as an organ of perception. Your heart's self-existing radiance is a presence of stillness that ignites your consciousness with an immense potency to carry consciousness across the threshold of the known to realize I AM.

I AM fulfills the evolutionary function of the biodynamic tides, which is to escort consciousness along an ascending journey to Dynamic Stillness. At infinity your body is whole and prepared to descend into the cells of your body and unite with the Love that is stronger than death.

As a post-biodynamic non-tidal enfoldment of consciousness, Pure Breath of Love emanates an all-cell Sacred Pulse in union with the heart's SA Node that escorts you on your Grail Journey to integrate all the unconscious recoils stored in your flesh that prevent the union of body with love. 

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