Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love


May 4-7, 2023 Sedona, AZ – very Limited seating, register early

Learn to competently practice Stillness Touch, which strengthens your will, frees your consciousness from the ego’s limiting grip, and reunited your body with a love that is stronger than death.

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Product Description

Register Early - this Foundational Master Class 1 has very limited seating on a beautiful Biodynamic Farm!

Open to any practitioner who is ready to move beyond medical touch, including biodynamic cranial approaches, and resurrect the ancient healing art of Laying on of Hands.

May 4-7, 2023 Sedona, AZ

This Master Class 1 provides you with potent will-strengthening Stillness Practices that open your heart field as an organ of perception; you will receive written Stillness Meditations to evolve your consciousness that prepare you to touch using specific hands-on Stillness Touch Contacts that emanate as love to others.

Once you complete class, you will be able to offer Stillness Touch to others.

Heart as an Organ of Perception

Your heart's self-existing radiance ignites your consciousness with an immense potency that carries your consciousness across the threshold of the known until you realize I AM - the Self.

Once you realize I AM, you fulfill Dr. Sutherland's transmission because the biodynamic tides have escorted your consciousness on its ascending journey to realize Dynamic Stillness - that is the end of Dr. Sutherland's biodynamic tidal map: BE STILL AND KNOW I AM

At infinity, your consciousness becomes enveloped by Dynamic Stillness and your body becomes Whole (I AM).

Then, your consciousness is prepared - IF YOU CHOOSE IT - to descend into the cells of your body and unite with Pure Breath of Love that is stronger than death. 


As a post-biodynamic non-tidal enfoldment of consciousness, Pure Breath of Love emanates an all-cell Sacred Pulse that emanates in unison with the heart's SA Node.

It is this emanation of Pure Breath of Love that escorts you on your Grail Journey to integrate all the unconscious recoils stored in your flesh that have prevented the union of body, consciousness, and love. 

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