Stillness Touch Path of Union

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Product Description

This eBook began in 2009 as a Stillness Touch class powerpoint presentation by Professor Kurt Keutzer, a Kashmir Shaivite practitioner and translator.  

In 1948 Dr. Sutherland gave osteopaths a lecture on touch as a path to realize I AM. Western Mystics and Eastern Spiritual traditions influenced Sutherland and Becker, which included Swedenborg, esoteric Christianity and Kashmir Shaivism.

The ancient Vedic practice of Pratyahara deepens the neutral, which strengthens our contact with the unerring potency. In the Vedas, heart's SA Node is the center of the Self that emanates unerring potency, which is primordial life force. With every SA Node emanation, infinite potency courses through the midline, suffuses the CSF and Ground Substance, and distributes unerring potency to every cell, which in turn, pulses Pure Breath of Love in tandem with the heartbeat.

It is from the above perspective that we explore Sutherland's ascending biodynamic path to I AM and Becker's descending post-biodynamic journey of enfleshment of the Spanda, the sacred pulse of love. At the realization of I AM, our practice of Pratyahara activates the Tibetans Winds: prana descends the midline and ignites an alchemical process that transmutes each element into Consciousness. The Tantric Completion Stage begins once Consciousness implodes in the flesh and reunites with love. 

Three of Charles' books are referenced with page numbers for deeper research: 
Stillness Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness
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