Bypass and the Psychotic Core


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Once registered, you will receive a PDF with logistics to and from the PVR airport, lodging, food, and transportation options to the class.

NO COVID entry requirements, except the Customs Declaration so bring a pen.


Product Description

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Bypass and the Psychotic Core

You can enroll in the Bypass Master Class 3 if you have satisfied one of the following three conditions:

1) By permission.
2) If you have taken an Initiatory or Mentor Course with me.
3) If you have attended my Master Classes or Post-Graduate Courses in Prague, Basel, Copenhagen, Toulouse, Paris, Florence, Ireland, Puerto Vallarta.

This is my newest work, as detailed in my book Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love (English & German by Dynamic Stillness Press, French & Czech due in 2023).  

Study Guide: You will receive a study guide so you can explore the Master Class topics at your leisure.

enrolling in the Bypass Class & the Grail Class brings you up to date with the current way I teach Stillness Touch. 

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