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Private Mentor Time

Private Intensive for the Evolution of Consciousness

You can arrange a one-to-one block of private intensive time to explore areas as in-depth as you wish that specifically address your personal or professional challenges related to touch for the evolution of consciousness. You create your own custom-made intensive that draws from a wide range of possibilities, which include, but are not limited to:

Session Exchanges

Stillness Touch Lay Class

Initiatory Course

Stillness Touch Mentor Course

A Private Intensive for Personal Development

Any Combination of the Above

Custom Private Mentor Intensive

These times demand that we awaken to the Love that dwells inside our bodies, which created us. You can craft a custom Private Intensive that, for example, begins with Inner Stillness Meditative Practices from which Stillness Touch can be applied to specific areas of your body that evoke the inner wisdom of your body. Your body can silently self-inquire into specific personal challenges that have created bodily separation from the Love within. In addition to the above, perhaps you would like to receive hands-on instruction in:

- The Esoteric Chakra System
This can include learning where the organs are in your body through experiential hands-on touch, as well as learning the various midline oriented contacts inherent to the chakras.

- Body mechanics to ensure your body is relaxed during Stillness Touch sessions

- Meditative inner sensing as a Stillness Practice for embodiment

- The Midline Practices
Contact your 'invisible' midline by which you access your three physical midline centers in the head, heart, pelvis. You learn how to ground, center, and make contacts from all three midlines that are united as one.

- Hand and Heart Modulation
Touch from within Stillness by entrainment that is in a tonal match, is non-doing, and Neutral, which leaves the recipient's body free to open unfold in the Love.

- Synchronize with Primary Respiration

- Synchronize with Dynamic Stillness

- Synchronize with Pure Breath of Love

Professional Mentor Track for Graduate Practitioners

Already a practitioner? The following topics can help you connect all the dots in this non-doing approach:

The Breath of Life

The Midline

The Fulcrum

The Neutral

The Biodynamic Stillpoint

Primary Respiration

The three fundamental types of cranial work

The five cranial enfoldments and the level of consciousness in each enfoldment

The functions of the Breath of Life:
a) health
b) evolutionary

Practitioner preparation

Practitioner inner practices

Are you a Bodywork Practitioner?

You can incorporate a biodynamic approach to your bodywork modality by learning to offer it inside inner-body Stillness such as:

Anointment of the Skin of the whole body with oils

Lymphatic Work

External and Internal Organ Work


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