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Private Intensive Details

You can enroll in a one-to-one Private Intensive to explore in-depth your personal or professional challenges related to the evolution of your consciousness, your Grail Journey, or how to transition to offering Stillness Touch as a post-biodynamic 'laying on of hands.' 

Create a custom-made Private Intensive, draw from a wide range of possibilities that include, but are not limited to:

*A Private Intensive for Personal Development

*Professional Training in Stillness Touch 

*A Master Class, an Immersion Course, or Re-certify

*Teacher Training for Practitioners who want to teach Stillness Touch

You Can Choose Two Private Intensive Tracts:

1) An in-Person one-0n-one Private Intensive
2) One-on-one Private Correspondence Course

In Person:

Your in-person one-on-one Private Intensive includes specific Stillness Practices that evoke your inner-body wisdom. Your body reveals in inner silence its mystery of body as consciousness & love, which also reveals personal challenges that presented by your Core Wound that creates bodily separation from your Eros, the love that pulses within your body.

Correspondence Course (New):

Our times demand flexibility: if you are unable to travel, you can enroll in my new 6-Module Master Class Correspondence Course. 

Click Here For Correspondence Curriculum

Master Class

If you take the Master Class as an in-person Private Intensive, or as a 6-module Master Class Correspondence Course, you will receive the same Practice Workbooks and Study Guides as Master Class participants, and your homework deepens your practice of Stillness Touch.

Click This Link For The Master Class

Perhaps you want to receive one-to-one instruction in the following:

How Do Recoils Block the Pulse of Eros in the Chakra Fields, which Stops Love from Reaching My Heart Radiance?
This set of instructions are based on the recoils in Chapters 3 and 6 of Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love. You can also learn where the organs are in your body through experiential hands-on instruction, as well as learning the various midline-oriented contacts inherent to the corresponding chakras. 

How Do I Navigate My Core Wound?
Perhaps our most challenging task is to encounter and integrate all the aspects of our Core Erotic Wound, including the recoils that are responsible for creating The Psychotic Core that lands us in a false self (not-self) as a by-product. When we are 'behaved' by The Psychotic Core the not-self operates amid a Devils bargain with the Absolute to get what we want out of life. In return, we remain in the prison of our wounds, which severely limits our fully lived life, which hinders our evolution to the point of stagnation. Our behavior is not ours, but we are behaved by what Christians call the Beast, or the snake that prevails in our present Apocalyptic time (Chapter 5-6 Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love).

Can I Learn the Meditative Stillness Practices?

From Embodiment to Enfleshment
Learn the components of inner-body sensing as your fundamental 'GPS' by which you navigate not only your Stillness Touch sessions, but your life. The subsequent insights help to differentiate sensing from feeling and emotions.

Can I Receive Midline Practices?
Contact your 'invisible' midline by which you access the three physical midline centers - head, heart, and pelvis. You learn how to ground, center while you make contacts that combine all three midlines united as one.

What is the Art of Hand and Heart Modulation While Touching?
Touch from the presence of stillness by which entrainment occurs that is in a tonal match with the recipient, is non-doing, and neutral, all of which leaves the recipient's body free to open to and unfold into the love.

How Do I Synchronize with Primary Respiration?
A natural result of neutral touch is you synchronize with primary respiration, leaving it in complete charge of the session; the practitioner does nothing except be still.

How Do I Synchronize with Dynamic Stillness?
Once you have thoroughly cultivated the neutral and gained experience synchronizing with primary respiration, you are prepared to encounter Dynamic Stillness. Once infinite stillness implodes within, you cross the threshold to freedom from the limiting aspects of the ego.

How Do I Synchronize with Pure Breath of Love?
After the implosion of Dynamic Stillness into your inner-body space, you naturally segue to the realization of Pure Breath of Love. However, here you are presented with the remaining threads of your history while Pure Breath of Love unravels the aspects of recoil from the Core Wound.

What About Body Mechanics and a Relaxed Body While Offering  Stillness Touch?
Learning to touch in ways that do not compromise your body mechanics is crucial to prevent chronic pains.

Immersion for Graduates in Stillness Touch

If you are certified in Stillness Touch we can, together in mutuality, explore in detail the following suggested topics to help connect all the dots involved in a non-doing touch:

The Breath of Life

The Midline

The Fulcrum

The Neutral

Primary Respiration

Dynamic Stillness

Pure Breath of Love


The four types of cranial work:

The 2 Pre-Biodynamic types - Biomechanical and Functional 
Biodynamic - An Ascending Tidal Journey to Realize I AM
Post-Biodynamic - The Descending Journey - I AM Implodes in the Cells and Pulses Pure Breath of Love 

The Level of Consciousness within each Enfoldment:

Cranial Wave
Fluid Tide
Long Tide
Dynamic Stillness
Pure Breath of L

How to Distinguish the Boundaries between Pre-biodynamic, Biodynamic, and Post-biodynamic Practices

The Functions of the Breath of Life:
a) Health
b) Evolutionary

Practitioner Preparation Before Touching

A Practitioner's Daily Stillness Practice

Pure Breath of Love as a post-biodynamic non-tidal Domain of Consciousness

Ways that Practitioner Efference Recoils Consciousness from Pure Breath of Love

Navigating your Core Wound

Conflicts between Ida and Pingala that Illuminate the Recoils in the Chakra fields, which Block the Free-flowing Pulse of Eros

The Connection between the Ancient Traditions, Stillness Practices & Stillness Touch

Are you a Bodywork Practitioner and you wish to apply these principles?

Your private intensive can incorporate the non-doing, post-biodynamic approach to your bodywork by learning to offer Stillness Touch as a moving meditation:

Anointment of the Skin with Oils

Lymphatic Work

External and Internal Organ Work


By enrolling in any Private Intensive you also agree to our Refund Policy: After a Private Intensive has begun, there are no refunds for cancellations for any reason. If payment has not been completed prior to the onset of the intensive, you are obligated to pay the agreed upon fee.

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