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All In-Person Private Intensives Include Session Exchanges With Charles

Minimum Private Intensive: 2 Hours
$600 USD

4-hour Private Intensive
$1,200 USD

6-hour Private Intensive (One Day):
$1,800 USD

12-hour Stillness Touch Class (Two Days) 
$3,600 USD

18-hour Practitioner Immersion (Three Days)
$5,400 USD

30-hour Master Classes 1, 2, 3 (Five Days)
Qualifies you to take Certification Test
$9,000 USD

Bank transfers can be made in the following currencies: USD, EURO, CAD, AUD, CHF, GBP, CZK Please indicate which currency is the easiest.

Are You Inwardly Moved To Become A Stillness Touch Legacy Practitioner Or Teacher? Write me:


One-to-One Email Dialogue Correspondence Course 

6 Master Class Modules* 
$500 USD Each Module

NOTE: After taking Module 1 (Foundational Module), You Can Choose Any Module in any Order - You Are Not Required To Commit To Taking All The Modules,

Please Email Charles For Correspondence Course Details, Or To Arrange A Custom Program:

Required Study Material Before You Begin Your Stillness Touch Private Intensive or Correspondence Course

You are provided with a Study Guide with all the practices based on books available in your language:

1) Stillness (English, Italiano, Français, Czech)
2) Prasent in Der Stille (Deutsche)
3) Quietud (Español)

4) Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love (English, Deutsche, Czech, Français)
5) e-book Stillness Practices (English, Deutsche, Français)
6) Stillness Meditations (English Mp3's)

Please purchase the above Books in your language before undertaking your Private Intensive.

For more information about the Private Intensive, please email Charles by clicking:

By enrolling in any Private Intensive you agree to the following Refund Policy:

After your Private Intensive time has been scheduled and you have received your custom written Study Guide, there are no refunds for cancellations for any reason. 

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