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A Private Intensive is $200 USD per hour
~ The 
Minimum Intensive time is five-hours ~

Private Professional Mentor Course
A 50-hour private one-to-one mentoring that leads to certification to practice Stillness Touch
Cost: $10,000

Initiatory Course
10-hours over 2 days: $2,000

Stillness Touch Lay Course
5-hours one day: $1000

Required Study Material before you begin your Private Intensive:

STILLNESS: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness
Available in English, French, Czech, German:  Store

e-Book: Stillness Practices Workbook For Practitioners: Store

The two Meditation Audios that are available on the site Store

Please read the above books and listen to the Mp3's before undertaking your Private Intensive.

For more information, please email Charles by clicking:

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