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Differentiating Stillness Touch

Stillness Touch has zero connection to the Biodynamic Cranial Approach (BCA)
 even though the BCA school appropriated my Biodynamic Cranial Touch proprietary teachings.
With Stillness Touch, you follow Sutherland's instructions to evolve your consciousness to realize I AM

And then, IF you choose to let love escort you into a non-tidal post-biodynamic domain,

you enter a descending Grail Journey to love.

  Dr & Mrs Sutherland declared the total osteopathic biodynamic map on their headstones: 


When The Tides Dissolve At Dynamic Stillness, You Realize I AM 
Here, The Osteopathic Biodynamic Tidal Map Ends

Then, if you choose to let I AM descend into your cells
 you begin your post-biodynamic Grail Journey
 guided by the Sacred Pulse of Love


The Biodynamic Cranial Approach Training
Leaves You Stuck In The Endless Ascending Biodynamic Tidal Domains
Amid A Belief That Dynamic Stillness Is The End Of The Soul's Journey
 The Result? You Get Stuck In Bypass

Biodynamic Cranial Approach Teaches The Following Methods Of Spiritual Bypass:

Enquire Into Tides To Make Meanings 

 Misuse Dynamic Stillness As A Bypass To Avoid Meeting The Shadow


Guru-Disciple Codependence Is Covertly Encouraged By The Teacher

Harboring Of An Unconscious Terror Of The Potency & Pure Breath Of Love

Ignoring Our Shadows That Activate The Psychotic Core & Gives Birth To The Beast 
 A Complex That Seethes With Doubt, Hatred, And Terror
Of Pure Breath Of Love, The
 Divine Feminine, And The Holy Grail

Spiritual Bypass occurs if we cling to biodynamic tides, which weakens our will, recoils us from the unerring potency, traps our consciousness in the masculine ascending biodynamic tidal realms, and aborts our second birth, by rejecting our Soul's descending Grail Journey to Love. 

Enquiry into the tides to seek any meaning keeps you stuck in the ascending domains of hypermasculine or hyperfeminine consciousness. This leads to absolutism, which misuses Dynamic Stillness as a shield to prevent you from integrating your shadows, which recoils your consciousness from a descending Grail Journey into your cells.

Spiritual Bypass hinders the evolution of your consciousness by blocking its descent. Therefore, your Soul does not enjoy freedom from the ego's strategies of control. Instead, ego and Superego control our will and create recoil strategies as bypass to stop consciousness from crossing the threshold of your known which prevents the realization of Dynamic Stillness as I AM.

After you realize I AM
and you choose to surrender control
I AM will implode into your cells
and you begin a descending Grail Journey
that is guided by the Sacred Pulse of Pure Breath of Love

Master Classes Are An Antidote To Bypass

The Grail Journey Enfleshes Love That is Stronger than Death

To enflesh the Sacred Pulse of Pure Breath of Love
Wait ... for nothing ... in I AM at Dynamic Stillness:

 When I AM descends and implodes in your cells
   Pure Breath of Love emanates
a whole-body
 non-tidal Sacred Pulse of Love 
That Is Stronger Than Death

 Master Classes Are For Any Practitioner Who Desires to
Give Up Bypass (BCA) And Stop Using Medical Model (BCST)
And Who Wishes To Face Our Apocalyptic Times
With An Unwavering Presence Of Stillness

 Stillness Touch follows Sutherland's principles:

You Are Not The Doer
Touch Is Not Medical
You Do Not Play Doctor, Therapist, Or Treat
You Use No Efference
You Do Not Sense With Your Hands
Touch Is Not Anatomically Based
You Do Not Cling To The Biodynamic Tides 
 Instead Of Clinging To Ascending Tides, You Let Consciousness Descend To Integrate Your Shadows
Thus, Stillness Touch Practitioners Are Self-Responsible
Rather Than Codependent with the Teacher-As-Guru

What Sutherland taught as biodynamics to practitioners:

~ Use no outside force
~ Get Away As Far As You Can From Your Physical Senses
~ BE STILL means we are not efferent


~ Non-medical principles
~ No objectification

~ No doing to or treating of a patient
~ No enquiry to seek meanings in the biodynamic tides
~ No feeling or sensing with the hands
~ No orienting to anatomy or the nervous system by engaging trauma management techniques
~ No cranial techniques are applied - even as intentions
~ No suggestions of still points
~ No negotiation of a relational field
~ No creating of space or biodynamic zones, and no shifting into tides
~ No visualization of a primary respiration that comes from the horizon 'out there'
~ No mixing of medical touch with non-medical touch
~ No mixing of pre-biodynamic, biodynamic, post-biodynamic principles and practices
~ No use of the physical senses to know
~ No unwinding to realize the second birth

"But I was trained to use all the above methods in my practice of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, what do I do?"

Nothing ... BE STILL ... Repose In What Is

You can read below what Dr. Sutherland characterized in 1948 as his non-medical, biodynamic practice of BE STILL:

We had a visit from a young lady, a ballet dancer whose name is well known on Broadway. In our living room, she gave a dramatic and reverent dance interpretation of the biblical saying 'Be Still and Know that I am God."

In her impressive presentation, we could see that she lost all awareness of the physical senses.

"Be Still" these physical senses and get as close to your Maker as you can, closer than breathing. Where you realize what is meant by the Breath of Life, not the breath of air, the breath of air being merely one of the material substances which man utilizes in his walkabout on earth.

It has been my endeavor to get as far away from the physical senses as I possibly could, that is, to a point where one begins to experience - to realize "Be Still and Know."

That is why I have so much to say about information gained solely through laboratory tests and experiments and information often gained through the application of erring or unreliable physical senses.

How many of you have the same degree of vision? The same degree of touch?'
~  Final Lecture AOA Yearbook April 1948

Potency Interview

Stillness Touch practitioners abide by Dr. Sutherland's instructions above: 'no outside force' of any kind is applied.

We do not use our hands to feel motions, the anatomy or the nervous system because Sutherland says that using the hands are "erring or unreliable physical senses." (See Stillness Chapter 3)

A practitioner can get stuck in the ego's narcissism and may believe that the practitioner can help the Breath of Life:

"Why does Charles need to hang out in Dynamic Stillness doing nothing, when I can help the Breath of Life?" This is a superego confession that 'I am the intermediary between God and the patient.'

A deepening into the shadow realms occurs when a teacher is trapped in megalomania by the Superego, and they believe they are God or Guru; this is an expression of the Psychotic Core that manifests as teacher co-dependence where teachers subtly encourage a Guru-disciple dynamic with their students.  

For more details, please click the link to the blog in English and German:

Death of Biodynamics 

Der Tod der Biodynamik im Bereich der Cranio-Arbeit

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