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Immersion Course

A Deep Dive Into My Life's Work
1973 - 2023

This course is an immersion into my books Präsent in der Stille, Stillness Touch, eBook JENSEITS DER STILLE, and my articles and blogs.

We'll explore how practitioner non-efference is the fundamental disposition for cultivating the heart as an organ of perception, which is essential for engaging the Stillness Practices. 

Stillness Practices

Stillness Practices that build depth over time lead to the enfleshment of the Sacred Pulse of Pure Breath of Love. We practice Stillness as a path to enfleshment by reconnecting with the 'Unerring Potency,' the power that makes the body, heals it, and makes the body whole at infinity (I AM).

It is only after we regularly practice a daily reuniting of our consciousness with the body and the body with love that we evolve without end.

We'll delve into the various realms of Stillness Practice that are derived from the ancient spiritual traditions of Zen, Dzogchen, Kashmir Shaivism, and practices developed by the modern mystics Goethe, Jung, Swedenborg, Free John, and Steiner.

When we can BE STILL i.e., remain non-efferent amid the presence of the Ascending and Descending Currents of Consciousness that unite in the heart, it strengthens the will, and we can bear the 'unbearable' aspects of self and the Self.

The Ascending Current of Consciousness

It is crucial that touch practitioners appreciate the parameters of Ascending Current practices: what realizations does the ascent of consciousness lead to, and what are the limits?

If we are not mindful of the ascending current pitfalls, we may become stuck in the various forms of bypass. 

Spiritual Bypass is the most common of the three main traps that prevent our contact with the Unerring Potency (see below).

We will revitalize our deep appreciation for Dr. Sutherland's gift of the three types of cranial practice that he evolved from biomechanical, functional, to biodynamic.

Stagnation or Evolution?
Becker and the New England Study Group Evolved Dr. Sutherland's Journey to Realize I AM

Do we cling to the map he left us in 1957, or do we dare to continue evolving Sutherland's Impulse? 

Pre-Biodynamic domains include Biomechanical and Functional Practices. The neutral reveals the Biodynamic Tides that escort consciousness on an Ascending Current Journey: 
Neutral ⇔ Tides ⇔ Dynamic Stillness ⇔ I AM

Here is the Sutherland's principle of Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy:


Again, we may cling to biodynamics, or we can dare to evolve Sutherland's impulse and enter a post-biodynamic domain.

It is crucial to realize that nothing is left behind when we engage the Descending Current of Consciousness. Amid the descent of consciousness, we continue to appreciate and honor all aspects of the pre-biodynamic, biodynamic, and post-biodynamic domains,  but this inclusive disposition can only occur after the cellular implosion of I AM, or Dynamic Stillness.

The cellular implosion of I AM is the Fulcrum for the all-cell emanation of the Sacred Pulse of Pure Breath of Love that pulses in tandem with the SA Node.

Once Pure Breath of Love haw enfleshed, we encounter the Grail Substance. This singular divine feminine substance possess the inner-body qualities of magma, a liquid lava-like super-substance that emanates the core strength of Mother Earth's pulse of love. This paradoxical phenomenon presents as a spiritualized matter that is both dense and matter-less at the same time, which unites all things.

The heart beat pulses magma, emanating Pure Breath of Love from every cell: BODY AS LOVE.

Prajnaparamita is the Mother of all Buddhas:
"Body is nothing more than emptiness, emptiness is nothing more than body." ~ Heart Sutra


SA Node Of The Heart

We will deeply navigate the mystery of the field of the heart's SA Node and explore its primary function, the creation of the human body. The role that the SA Node's emanating field plays cannot be overemphasized, it is the fulcrum between the finite and infinite, i.e., the human and being.  

To appreciate the potency of the SA Node's emanating field, it provides restorative power in all the healing arts - medicine, osteopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, body work, trauma resolution, fascial and ground substance integrity, nutrition, meditation, yoga, etc.

We will recall the ancient spiritual traditions that recognize the primary role that the SA Node plays in the evolution of human consciousness.

Stillness Touch

Stillness Touch leads to enfleshment when we can offer it within a neutral consciousness that contains no efference. We appreciate that neutral is the path by which Dr. Sutherland evolved his impulse.

Neutral, the guiding principle of the Dynamic Stillness School, lead us to Pure Breath of Love in 2002.

The emergence of Pure Breath of Love indicates the completion stage of neutral (Stillness Chapter 9 introduced this to the cranial field). Today Stillness Touch has matured to become a non-tidal, post-biodynamic enfoldment of consciousness that revives the ancient tradition of laying on of hands, which can be reintegrated into the medical healing art of touch. 

In the Introduction of my new book Stillness Touch, I thoroughly present that enfleshment in the practitioner and recipient gives them both an opportunity to realize Pure Breath of Love and enter a post-biodynamic domain that is mapless and never ends. 

What prevents Enfleshment?
Efference Is The Fundamental Hinderance To the Descent of Consciousness

We will investigate ways that practitioner efference recoils the Unerring Potency, preventing it from reaching the self-existing radiance of the heart field, which blocks the emergence of the Sacred Pulse of Love.

Psycho-Somatic recoils prevent Eros from reaching the Heart Radiance, which is a strategy the ego and Superego use to abort our second birth. Our second birth can arise after we consciously engage our Grail Journey that is ushered by Pure Breath of Love.

Enfleshment begins with an all-cell implosion of Dynamic Stillness that then emanates Pure Breath of Love, which pulses in tandem with the SA Node.

Shadow Biodynamics: Denial of the Post-Biodynamic Domains of Consciousness

We'll navigate the shadows that lurk in the biodynamic cranial approach in the most frank way possible that lead to a denial that the post-biodynamic domains of consciousness exist! (See * below). 

Three Forms of Bypass exist in Biodynamic Practitioners who deny post-biodynamics:
- Enquiry into Tides
- Stillness as Bypass or Absolutism
- Teacher Codependence & Chronic Bypass Activates The Psychotic Core

*This does not implicate biodynamic osteopath cranial practitioners who have appreciated that I introduced the post-biodynamic domains of consciousness to the field as outlined in Chapter 9 of my book Stillness

The Grail Journey
 The Fulcrum Practice of Descent That Leads To Enfleshment

Perhaps the culmination of my lifetime exploration into touch as a path that evolves consciousness is the creation of the Grail Journey as I outline it in Stillness Touch Chapters 6-7.

I derived the Grail Journey from various sources, such as the writings of friends Neil Cohen, Saniel and Linda Bonder, John and Jennifer Welwood*, Robert Johnson, and from the mystics Steiner, Aurobindo, Goethe, Jung, Free John, etc.

Without facing and integrating our Core Erotic Wounds (Grail Wounds) the impact that these traumatic events had on our protoplasm, psyche, and spirit, may induce our clinging to the safety and ease of the ascending current domains, which prevent us from becoming free of the various recoils that block the pulse of love.

We can become stuck in spiritual bypass (*coined by Welwood) which is a dissociation in the "Shiva Realms" the domain in which the biodynamic tides terminate once they deliver our consciousness here.

This may be distasteful to digest, particularly if one is stuck in spiritual bypass; even so, let us not diminish the importance of engaging our will by consciously descending into the flesh to meet all the 'unbearable' places in us that recoil from love.

If we decline to integrate our shadows, a deeper shadow awaits us on the level of the Superego, the Psychotic Core.

The challenge is to recognize when bypass becomes so chronic that hatred arises from our Psychotic Core. 

The Psychotic Core

If we remain stuck in bypass through enquiry into the ascending tides, we misuse dynamic stillness, which is absolutism, or we participate in teacher codependence - all of that weakens our will.

We can become too weak-willed to bear the intensity of our Grail Journey, so we avoid the descent of consciousness and we abort our second birth of enfleshment as noted above. When spiritual bypass becomes a habit, we can exhibit hatred for Pure Breath of Love! which arises from our Psychotic Core.

This crucial exploration is a missing link that exposes the way that so-called 'biodynamic' teachers mislead students to unconsciously avoid the descent of consciousness into the flesh.

Why Do We Avoid Descent?

We avoid descent because we believe that the discomfort of our Grail Journey is unbearable!

When a teacher, who is steeped in spiritual enquiry unconsciously transmits absolutism, it lures naive students into a codependent relationship with them to avoid the Unerring Potency that ignites the inner implosion of the descent of consciousness.

Group-field absolutism evolves to become a collective bypass, as mentioned, that misuses Dynamic Stillness by overemphasizing enquiry into the ascending tides, which leads to a group codependence with the teacher - all of which keeps our consciousness stuck on the ascending planes where we 'feel' safe (because we are far removed from the possibility of surrender to the Unerring Potency).

The subsequent weakening of a student's will can lead a teacher to co-opting of the student's Soul forces that then evoke the Superego shadow projections in the thinking, the inner-body felt-sense, and the will, which respectively express as doubt, hatred, and terror.

Finally, we will revisit the modern teachers and ancient mystics who influenced Dr.Sutherland and Becker's Ascending path to I AM, and then we will review Rollin Becker's non-publicized connection to Kashmir Shaivism - a Descending Current Journey to the Spanda (Pure Breath of Love).

Also, we will acknowledge the French osteopath Duval, who privately taught his Four Principles of Non-doing that are based on the Vedas.


Präsent in der Stille
Stillness Touch 
Potency Interview
The Death of Biodynamics
Transcript of the Prague Interview On the Differences Between Medical and Evolutionary Biodynamics

Study Guide Provided Upon Completion of the Course

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