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Do You Practice Other Healing Modalities?

The Master Class Evolves Consciousness And Enhances Any Healing Modality

The Dynamic Stillness School happily supports practitioners in any modality who desire to realize a living contact with Pure Breath of Love.

Participants in Dynamic Stillness School courses include medical physicians, integrative medical doctors, osteopaths, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, homeopaths, naturopaths, bodyworkers, water workers, spiritual teachers, specialists in posture and movement such as Pilates, Continuum, Alexander, somatic experience practitioners, and yoga teachers, ... to name a few.

In 1948, Dr. Sutherland, the founder of cranial work, publicly revealed his powerful insight:
'let the unerring potency be in charge' which became the foundation of all osteopathic biodynamic cranial work as we know it today. 

The Dynamic Stillness School has evolved Dr. Sutherland's transmission by offering Stillness Practices that access the spectral expressions of the body as consciousness that emanates love.

This journey begins at Dr. Sutherland's pinnacle realization of BE STILL AND KNOW I AM, where the tides disappear, which is the end of the biodynamic map.

If wait in I AM, amid the cellular implosion of Dynamic Stillness, you begin a post-biodynamic non-tidal journey into Spanda, the sacred pulse of love - BE STILL AND KNOW I AM LOVE.

By inwardly embodying the classic ascending biodynamic tidal expressions of the Breath of Life, you contact what the Ancient Traditions call the Wisdom of the Whole. Here, you meet the Fulcrum of the Maker, that escorts your consciousness on a journey of descent into the body, where Dynamic Stillness implodes in your cells, and invokes the presence of Pure Breath of Love and your Grail Journey begins. 

The Master Class thoroughly explores the Grail Journey by which you realize the spectral expressions of consciousness as distinct yet overlapping, and ever-evolving expression of love, with no map.

You cultivate a non-doing Stillness Touch practice amid no efference, no objectification, and without enquiry into tides. As Dr. Sutherland implored, do not apply any outside force. This non-doing practitioner disposition is so powerful that Dr. Sutherland characterized it as uncanny.

In the three Master Classes, you will enjoy a living, intimate, ever-deepening, body-felt union with the ascending tidal expressions of the Breath of Life, the Pure Consciousness of Dynamic Stillness, and onward to the descending post-biodynamic realization of Pure Breath of Love, as characterized in the books Stillness Chapter 9 and Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love Chapter 9. 

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