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Annual Certification

Certified Practitioners Represent Stillness Touch

You can recertify 2 ways:
1) Email dialogue  2) take a class.

Prices For Email Dialogue:

In USA/Canada ($250 USD):Certification

In Europe (215 EUROS):Europe Certification

In Australia (335 AUD):Australia Certification

LEGAL NOTICE if you are not Certified: 
ease and desist using my domain names Stillness Touch or Biodynamic Cranial Touch"


Do You Prefer To Take A Class Instead Of Engaging In An Email Dialogue?

There are 3 Qualifying Classes:

Grail Journey

 Write Me For Details:

How Do I Renew My Certification?

Attend a Qualifying Class (see above) or engage in an email dialogue (see below).

1) Register for the email dialogue.

2) You'll receive custom questions and a Study Guide with references to chapters, sections, and pages in Stillness Touch.

3) Our mutual dialogue is a mini-Master Class on a topic I choose for you as an update and a deep dive into a particular aspect of Stillness Touch.

Main Book For Study:
Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love
(English & German).

Other books: 

(English, Italian, French, Czech) 

Prasent in der Stille (German)

Stillness Practices for Practitioners (e-Book)
(English, German, French)

 All Questions Are Based On Topics Customized For You

 Für Dialog auf Deutsch:

Klicken du heir um Details zur Zertifizierung herunterzuladen

Was passiert, wenn ich mich nicht zertifizieren lasse?
Sie werden nicht in die Liste der Praktiker aufgenommen.
Und ich bitte Sie, den Hinweis, dass Sie "Stillness Touch" und "Biodynamic Cranial Touch" anbieten, von Ihrer Website zu entfernen.

 Advantages Of Certification By Dialogue:

1) Less Expensive: you do not lose days of practice income to attend a class each year, and you do not pay for travel, hotel, dining out, or the class.

2) Engaging in our mutual dialogue (or taking a class), meets the requirement for annual certification, updates you on the Master Classes and Stillness Touch

As Noted: you can register to take a qualified class to certify, if you prefer.

If I Am Qualified To Certify In Stillness Touch 
How Do I Register For The First Time, And What Does It Cost? 

Please write me for details:

Cost: $300 USD or 270 EURO 

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