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Master Classes
$930 USD

New Graduate Certification by Email Dialogue 
$350 USD

Certification Renewal By Email Dialogue 
$250 USD

Certification Renewal By Taking A Master Class or the Immersion
$930 USD

Immersion: My Life's Work
For Practitioners & Teacher Training 

$930 USD 


Private Intensive
$300 USD Per Hour

Private Self-Paced Correspondence Course
$500 Per Module

The Master Class Correspondence Course is 6 Modules

Frequent Questions

Total Cost of the Master Classes?

The 3 Master Classes: $2,790 USD 

Do Master Classes Lead to Certification?

After The Master Classes, You Apply & Take The Certification Test

Does Master Class Require Up-front Financial Commitment to the Whole Program Like the Mentor Did?

There Is No Up-front Financial Commitment
After Master Class 1, You Can Take Master Classes 2 & 3 In Any Order

Why Did You Replace The Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor With The Master Class?

The Master Class antidotes the pitfalls I observed in the Mentor format. Namely bypass, enquiry, and teacher codependence.

Master Classes are for next generation of Stillness Touch practitioners  Click Here for Master Classes


"I want to tell you that what you have put together as your life's Pure Breath of Love work is remarkable. I thank you for the real tangible spiritual enfleshment experiential teaching that you've provided.

Charles, I most appreciate your true life example embodied and shared of your walk the talk/teaching. That, even more than the details of your written compiled teaching, is the true inspiration I got from my time with you during the last Stillness Touch Union of Body and Love course in Sedona."

~ 2023 Master Class Participant & accomplished elder spiritual practitioner

"Your book Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love is amazing! I’m reading, underlining, feeling, sensing, expanding, imploding, dropping in ... it’s such an embodied transmission. My body vibrates and BECOMES the words as I read them instantly. My body is seen by your words and softens in the acknowledgment. I’m receiving the direct transmission of all the micro nuanced, layered, textured, multidimensional aspects of being consciousness inside my body and beyond the body. 

And now I’m reading Stillness Touch for the second time ... It’s truly the best book I've ever read. 
It’s beyond accurate and it’s a constant confirmation of my inner exploration. It continues to inspire me tremendously and give me so much “YES” to these years of relentless commitment to embodiment, enfleshment, reposing into what is ... The words you chose vibrate into the flesh and bridge so clearly the transpersonal into the personal experience of all that you mention.
Again, thank you for the passion you put into the creation of this Embodiment Manifesto.


I’m truly impressed - it’s an astounding work. My own transmissions to my clients and my classes in these days have been incredibly vibrant, clear, pure. 

The intensity of the paradox in these times on the planet has made me simultaneously more vulnerable & sad and yet stronger. I am beyond grateful for the enormous work you always did and continue doing."

~ Giselle Bridger, Co-founder of Lunaria Institute

 "It is a rare thing to find an instructor who both embodies the essence of his teaching and is able to convey its finest complexities with clarity and precision. Blending didactic instruction with experiential practice and group processing, Charles creates an environment conducive to learning at the deepest levels of comprehension. After 20 years of formal instruction, I find Charles' classes to be a welcome oasis where, each time, my understanding of cranial work grows exponentially. Thank you, Charles, for bringing this work to light with such brilliance!"

~ Elizabeth Pimentel, ND
Naturopathic Physician, Dean of the School of Naturopathic Medicine Maryland University of Integrative Health.

"Never have I sat in my daily meditation with so much pleasure and freedom, since I joined the Stillness Touch Master Class in Basel with you. New invisible curtains lift up and I experience clarity and deep understanding for what has been within. You left a remarkable presence. 
T H A N K S for your endless and effortless sharing, and making it available to us."
~ Stillness Touch Master Class Student And Lifelong Meditator 

“I have been studying Craniosacral work for the past 45 years and I studied with Charles Ridley for 18 months.  For me, it has not been a new paradigm or set of techniques, but a deepening into what is. In my clinical practice, my clients have reflected back an appreciation of the space they feel, a sense of being more fully present to themselves. The gentleness is astounding, nothing is being done to; everything is coming from within. Stillness Touch has become a metaphor for my life, a path to deeper mysteries. Charles is a dynamic and resourceful teacher, drawing on a deep well of knowledge and experience. He is not only able to respect the unfoldment of the Pure Breath of Love in each person, but also shares his own experiences with humility and delight. This has been one of the richest experiences of my life.”

~ Eloise Graham, PT Physiotherapist

 "My experience with Charles has enriched both my inner explorations as well as the client work that I do. Each interaction with a client changes my life and the depth of my exploration. I feel that Charles teachings allowed me to connect to the inner depths, as well as the expansion to the outer depths, an event that can only be experienced and not fully described. Charles' classes were a beautifully woven and well organized honoring of the Feminine nature of the work that we do both within and without. I am overjoyed to welcome Her back into my life and my spirit and am grateful to Charles for his part in that."

~ Leigh Pickenpaugh, BS, MS, DDS

“Charles Ridley's courses seamlessly build upon the foundational cranial education I received in the Milne classes and have enhanced the depth of my work and daily life. Cranial work came together and became clearer for me in Charles' courses. The result is an overriding unity in my work and a greater trust in the process. Charles provides the opportunity and simple guidelines for making a direct and tangible encounter with the Pure Breath of Love and, indeed, a most profound sensing experience.”

~ William Evans Cranial Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist.

“Here is what impresses me deeply about Charles Ridley, his work with touch, and his teaching: Although Charles is obviously brilliant, well studied, and is a highly accomplished master of touch, he has not lost the genius of simplicity! After his 50 years of study, practice, and teaching, rather than having an inflated ego or getting lost in the trappings of endless technique, Charles is still a humble devotee of the Great Stillness that moves the entire universe. He always makes space to allow this Universal Stillness and Intelligence to express Itself through his teaching and cranial work. To me, this is pure genius. This is a true healer. This is a true teacher."

~ Neil Steven Cohen Founder of Psycho-Spiritual Integrative Awakening, Author of Voice of Heart

 "My work and learning with animals as a Vet over the past 24 years as a professional started my search for my personal meaning of humanness.  I came to this work after initially taking Milne Institute classes with Charles and was amazed at the depth and breadth of his teaching. Charles is a master at getting out of the way of what needs to go on for each of us while supporting whatever the Pure Breath of Love has in store for the individual.  What a rare and beautiful gift!  This work does not involve the ego; often to our detriment, the ego is in charge, which hinders our awareness. Charles teaches and encourages each of us to remember that the ego is only a small functional part of the human being that we are, and he beautifully facilitates our re-membering the center of our being, the emanation of Pure Breath of Love in the Dynamic Stillness.  I wholeheartedly recommend Charles for those who are truly searching for wholeness in their human experience."

~ April Linson, DVM Veterinarian acupuncturist and cranial practitioner.


"Since about 1967, I have been involved with Zen, yoga, and various other avenues to find out who I really am and what life is all about. A conclusion that I have reached is that the problem in seeing into the true nature of things is the blockages that we all have in our minds and bodies.  All we have to do is to get our ego out of the way, and strong, true messages come through. Easily said, but how to do? Charles Ridley has been of great help in allowing my blockages to be removed.  Don't ask me how he does it; in fact, he doesn't seem to do anything, but the results can be both subtle and dramatic. Your mind and body want to be free, and this freedom can be a valuable asset in your spiritual journey.  Charles can definitely help you along the way!"

~ Robert McCullough BA, BS, MBA & Yogi for nearly 60 years

 "That session was so amazing. Initially, the session was so much focused in on me, then even before you touched me "things" got really, really big (imagine BIG arm gestures). I felt a few things move and shift, then things got really still, and I think I fell asleep. I was awakened by something/someone asking me a BIG question. I don't know what the question was, but I KNOW I said YES, then a big breath-like wave moved into me (hand motions again straight up the midline), on top of and through the peace.  I feel great and totally charged now.  I can't wait to do this again."

~ A client's report after a Stillness Touch session

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