Master Class 3: Bypass

Practitioner Bypass

How The Ego Avoids The Descent Of Consciousness
To Abort Our Second Birth 


This "Bypass" Master Class covers the many ways that practitioners unconsciously avoid contact with the unerring potency, which blocks its power to heal! No practitioner is exempt from the ego and Superego strategies to maintain control over our Soul, so it is beneficial to understand the process of bypass. 

The first step is to explore the ascending and descending currents of consciousness - both are important aspects of the Soul's Grail Journey to love. 

Ascending And Descending Spiritual Currents

Sutherland taught the path of ascent so consciousness can realize I AM. Ascent was promoted by contemporary philosopher-mystics Walter Russell and Emanuel Swedenborg.

Swedenborg also characterized the descending spiritual current as tremulation, which Sutherland did not take up. Dr Becker honored Russell and Swedenborg, yet, he privately practiced Kashmir Shaivism (see below).

We will review the esoteric Christian core of Dr. Sutherland's path, which again, mainly involves the ascent of consciousness that leads to the realization of I AM


Dr. Rollin Becker's Kashmir Shaivite spiritual path involved a  descent of consciousness into the body to realize the sacred tremor called Spanda. HoweverDr. Becker did not reveal his personal spiritual practice to the public, or in his writings. Becker and his wife were members of a Kashmir Shaivite spiritual community.

Becker even trained his Swami in biodynamic cranial osteopathy. The Swami wrote the two volume book Dynamic Stillness, which where Becker borrowed the name of the final biodynamic enfoldment of consciousness (Dynamic Stillness or I AM). Both of the Becker's ashes are in the ashram garden under the Mobius sculpture that is pictured on cover of Becker's book Life In Motion. Sutherland's last book Teachings In The Science Of Osteopathy and Beckers books were originally published by the Swami's Rudra Press. 

Spanda is the Sacred Pulse, or Pure Breath of Love

Realizing the sacred tremor of Spanda requires the enfleshment of what we call Pure Breath of Love. Once enfleshed into the cells, Pure Breath of Love escorts us on our life-long descending Grail Journey that integrates all that we are, including our shadows, until we realize our fundamental Wholeness:

Body, consciousness, and love are one seamless expression.

The Soul's journey of enfleshment involves harvesting the fruits of the ascending current of consciousness, which leads to the realization of I AM (Sutherland's BE STILL AND KNOW I AM).

Then, at infinity, IF we choose to descend into the body, our consciousness will implode into our cells, and we enjoy the sacred pulse as the enfleshment of Pure Breath of Love.


However, there are many ego and Superego strategies that hinder the Soul's evolution and prevents the Enfleshment of love.

Spiritual Bypass, Hyper-enquiry into the Biodynamic Tides, and Teacher Codependance (Guru-Disciple Dynamic)

Although unconscious, as biodynamic practitioners of all types, we may be unconsciously stuck in the ascending biodynamic tidal domains. If we hyper-enquire into the ascending tides to seek meaning, or, we use Dynamic Stillness as a shield to block us from the intensity of our shadows or the potency we may be stuck in bypass. Also we may be unwittingly participating in teacher codependence that resembles a guru-disciple dynamic ... all of the above strategies weakens our will!

We could become too weak-willed to bear the intensity of our Grail Journey, so we avoid the descent of consciousness, which aborts our second birth into the enfleshment of love.

Psychotic Core

When spiritual bypass, hyper-enquiry, or codependence become a habit, it can trigger our Psychotic Core. Then we'll exhibit hatred for our Grail Journey and the Enfleshment of Pure Breath of Love.

Hyper-Enquiry, Spiritual Bypass, And Teacher (Guru-disciple) Codependence Prevent The Descent Of Consciousness Into The Body

To realize the enfleshment of love, ask ourselves whether we unconsciously use Dynamic Stillness, over-enquire into tidal phenomena, again, both of which are forms of bypass to avoid the descent of consciousness into the body. Avoiding the descent of consciousness stops Dynamic Stillness from imploding into our cells, thwarts our Grail Journey, and aborts our second birth - so we cannot realize or enflesh Pure Breath of Love. 

This crucial exploration is the missing link that exposes how any Mentor can mislead a student to unconsciously avoid the descent of consciousness.

Why Do We Avoid the Descent of our Consciousness?

We avoid descent if we falsely believe that the discomfort during our Grail Journey is unbearable, or we believe that if we continue our journey, it will re-trigger our Core Wounds!

Also, if a teacher is hyper-steeped in spiritual enquiry, they unconsciously transmit absolutism to students! Absolutism lures a student into a codependent 'guru-disciple' relationship with them. This collusion is another way to avoid the descent of consciousness.

In a group setting this can be a collusion that creates a group-field absolutism, which is common in many 'biodynamic cranial approach' classes.

When spiritual bypass manifests as the misuse of Dynamic Stillness to stay in the ascending planes of consciousness!

However, the danger is, the subsequent weakening of a student's will, can lead to the co-opting of their Soul forces by the Superego. That, in turn, can evoke its shadow projections into the three major body centers: thinking from the head, the inner-body felt-sense of heart and the will in the pelvis, which respectively express as doubt, hatred, and terror of Pure Breath of Love!

Another challenge is to recognize whether our bypass is chronic and if our Psychotic Core is active. If it is present, all to do is gently illuminate its antics at your own pace while doing your take-home practices that are provided to you in class.  

During this Bypass Master Class, we also explore ways to support our Stillness Touch recipients by co-navigating where along the spectrum of evolution they dwell in present time.

This mutual co-navigation is based on whether you can sense harmony, or a war-like dynamic between the masculine and feminine principles in the midline that adversely affect the function of our chakra fields. We revisit Kylea Taylor's excellent chart from her book Ethics of Caring, as a self-study to help us navigate our personal inner-war dynamics that play out in our chakra fields - this navigation prepares us to support Stillness Touch recipients.

As a Stillness Touch practitioner, you can observe the polar dynamics at play in your recipient that reveal the recoils in each chakra field; so you can easily provide a recipient a deep support that is unlike any other.

Also, based on the book Stillness Touch Appendix 4 Study Guide, we will revisit the classic osteopathic biodynamic tidal map as an ascending journey to realize I AM.

And then we add Charles' contribution to the cranial field and review that each tide is an enfoldment of consciousness. Next, we segue to the Soul's journey to Pure Breath of Love, as a descending mapless, non-tidal, post-biodynamic domain that is characterized as Wholeness in which the body disunited with Pure Consciousness that emanates Love from every cell and throughout creation. 


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