Master Class 3


Avoiding The Descent Of Consciousness Aborts Our Second Birth 

We will explore ascent and descent as fundamental aspects of the Soul's journey in this Bypass Master Class.

Sutherland was deeply influenced by contemporary philosopher-mystics Walter Russell and Emanuel Swedenborg who were masters of ascent.

However, Swedenborg's term tremulation hinted at a descending spiritual current. Dr Becker honored Swedenborg and Russell, yet he privately practiced Kashmir Shaivism, which is exclusively a path of the descent of consciousness.

We will review the esoteric core of Dr. Sutherland's path of ascent that leads to the realization of I AM.


Meanwhile, we deeply investigate Becker's spiritual path of descent into the Spanda, which he never revealed or spoke about publicly. 

However, realizing Spanda requires the enfleshment of the sacred pulse that we call Pure Breath of Love that escorts us on our Grail Journey to Love.

The Soul's journey involves the ascent of consciousness to I AM, that at infinity descends to implode into the cells and we enjoy the enfleshment of Pure Breath of Love.


If we remain stuck in the ascending tidal domains through enquiry into the ascending tidal planes, the misuse of stillness as a refuge, or teacher codependence it weakens the will. We are thereby unable to bear the intensity of our Grail Journey, so we avoid the descent of consciousness, abort our second birth that is enfleshment, and we can even exhibit hatred for Pure Breath of Love.

Exposing A Kink In The Mentor Teaching Format:

Bypass And Teacher Codependence Prevents The Descent Of Consciousness Into The Body

In the Bypass Master Class we navigate the unconscious misuse of stillness and the enquiry into tidal phenomena as forms of bypass to avoid the descent of consciousness. Avoiding descent stops Dynamic Stillness from imploding into our cells, which thwarts our Grail Journey (See Overview).

This crucial exploration in the Master Class exposes a missing link in the Mentor teaching format whereby graduates unconsciously avoid the descent of consciousness.

Why Do We Avoid Descent?

We avoid descent because our Grail Journey is terribly uncomfortable!

I discovered that the Mentor teaching format unwittingly encouraged avoiding the descent of consciousness by the transmission of a bypass process called absolutism. 

The transmission of absolutism in the Mentor Courses created, as mentioned, a misuse of Dynamic Stillness, an overemphasis of enquiring into the ascending tides, and codependence with the Mentor  teacher - all of which keeps our consciousness stuck on the ascending planes. The subsequent weakening of a student's will, leads to a co-opting of their Soul forces that evoke shadow projections in the thinking, the felt-sense, and the will, which respectively express doubt, hatred, and terror. Weakening of the will results in a codependent relationship with the teacher based on shadow.

Another challenge is recognizing when bypass becomes so chronic that hatred arises from our Psychotic Core, which takes aim at and derides Pure Breath of Love. You learn to gently illuminate hatred at your own pace while doing your homework.  

During the Bypass class, we also explore ways to support our Stillness Touch recipients by co-navigating with them where along the spectrum of evolution they dwell in present time. This mutual co-navigation is based on whether you can sense harmony, or a war-like tension, between the masculine and feminine principles in the chakra fields. We will revisit Kylea Taylor's Ethics of Caring Chart as a self-study to navigate inner war dynamics in our chakra fields that prepares us to support our Stillness Touch recipients.

Then as a Stillness Touch practitioner, you can observe the polar dynamics at play in a recipient that reveal the recoils in each chakra. When you navigate your Grail Wound Journey, you provide a recipient deep support unlike any other.

Also, based on the Stillness Touch Appendix 4 Study Guide, we revisit the classic osteopathic biodynamic tidal map as an ascending journey to I AM, and then add Charles' contribution that each tide is an enfoldment of consciousness. We then segue to Pure Breath of Love as a descending mapless, non-tidal, post-biodynamic domain from which Wholeness emanates throughout creation. 


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