Master Class 2

The Grail Journey Of Love

Having harvested the fruits of your daily cultivation of Stillness Practices and Touch in Master Class 1, you are now prepared to consciously descend within to navigate your Core Erotic Wound shadows.

This is your personal Grail Journey.

Charles supports you by providing a detailed Study Guide that clarifies specifically how at home you can walk your Grail Journey.

Your self-paced take-home Grail Journey integrates your Core Erotic Wounds, which are painful events that occurred in your life that separated you from your Eros, or your will.

Your Grail Journey is based on
Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love Chapters 3, 6 & 7.
Download the charts from Stillness Touch HERE

Your Grail Journey exposes hidden unconscious ego and Superego drives that control your will, weakens it, and recoils you away from the Unerring Potency, which deprives you of the inner guidance from the Divine Feminine Will. Once you navigate and integrate your Core Woundsyou enjoy an embodied full-spectral realization of Wholeness as a bodily union with pure consciousness and the love that creates all that is. This is called enfleshment.

Amid enfleshment, you enter the domain of the Sacred Pulse of Pure Breath of Love, which in Kashmir Shaivism is the Spanda.

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