Master Class 1

Stillness Touch Union Of Body & Love

20 years ago, I created Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor teaching format. In a mentor format, the teacher pointed out your blocks to neutral, thereby doing the work for you.

Unfortunately, I discovered a flaw in that format: I began to observe that the Mentor teaching format encouraged student dependency on the teacher. Codependence weakens the will of the student, leading to Bypass either by enquiry into the ascending biodynamic tides, or by seeking refuge in stillness, thereby getting stuck in the ascending planes to avoid the descending Grail Journey. 

By contrast, the New Master Class format depends on you to take full responsibility for the evolution of your consciousness. 

Is It Time To 'Take Up Your Bed And Walk?'

Cultivating the fruits of the Master Class
is your responsibility, if that does not interest you,
there is no point in taking the Master Classes.

The fruits of your homework - that you complete at your pace after class - integrates the essence of each Master Class.

Charles supports your completing the homework by providing you with detailed Study Guides that show where you can dig deeper into all aspects of Stillness Touch.

This Master Class Emphasizes Deep Cultivation Of The Practitioner's Fundamental Disposition

Your homework is to engage powerful exercises that strengthen your will, cultivate grounding and centering, and provides you a safe path to cultivating an unwavering presence of stillness. 

Stillness Practices result in an effortless inner repose in non-doing, amid non-efference, and absent enquiry. 

Absent enquiry means no meaning making of the tides. Instead, we practice being with whatever arises in don't know.  

Meanwhile, we consciously inhabit our inner body space with sensing presence, repose in the self-existing radiance of our heart field, amid a submersion in Eros that pulses from the pelvis. 

In this 'seat' of repose amid don't know, we enjoy a sublime inner guidance that leads us where to touch and for how long, based on the qualities of the sensuous tones in our inner-body atmosphere.

Inner guidance emerges from the wisdom of the body - which is connected to the recipient's wisdom - both of which are connected to the Wisdom of the Whole.

In this class we unveil the hindrances to the fundamental disposition by exposing the hypermasculine disposition that has infected our culture for 10,000 years amid the break-up of the hunter-gatherer period. 

The hypermasculine disposition takes over our will if we do not integrate the Core Wound. The shadow of a wounded ego efferently drives presence out of its inner body sanctum, separates wholeness into parts by objectification, that then enquires into each so-called separate part in order to know. For example, enquiring into the ascending tidal domains to derive meaning from them keeps one stuck, and thereby prevents the descent of consciousness (The Grail Class thoroughly explores descent as a detailed Grail Journey by which you integrate the Core Wound).

Enquiry into the tidal inner plane phenomena is efferent, which creates the body-mind split, prevents the inner-body descent of consciousness, and alienates us from our natural erotic state of bodily union with the sacred pulse of love.

Another shadow can arise when the ego dissociates and fragments our awareness, which rises into the head and out of the body in virtual stillness. This stillness as bypass recoils awareness away from its state of repose within the sensuous ocean of our inner body space (We will dive deep into enquiry, stillness as bypass, and teacher codependence in the Bypass Class - Master Class 3).

To repose as the presence of stillness amid the body's sensuous pulse of love without recoil is Criatura.

Criatura is the original state of the body as a Sacred Vessel of Love in which every cell is suffused with the Radiant Pulse of Pure Breath of Love.

The hypermasculine ego is terrified of Divine Feminine power and demonizes Criatura while suppressing her sensuous expressions.

Criatura thrives when attention is freely guided by Divine Feminine Will, Pure Breath of Love, which pulses in tandem with the heart's SA Node. Kashmir Shaivism calls this sacred pulse Spanda.

When attention is free, it is not hindered by ego-driven psychosomatic recoils, and the descent of Pure Breath of Love suffuses every cell in your whole body and emanates a sacred pulse.

As an aside, recoils are due to the ego's subconscious terror driven by the misperception that being with seemingly unbearable discomfort, the unerring potency, or love causes a repeat of our Core Erotic Wound.

Recall that the Core Wound separated us from love at a tender age. Amid the release of shock from past trauma, or while strategies of recoil drive awareness away from a connection with the Sacred Pulse of Love in the body, we can encounter a Subtle Core Terror.

Yet, fear or discomfort does not mean we cease to allow love to flow into our wounds.

This is an important discernment: Being Present amid discomfort is fundamental to the evolution of consciousness.

An embodied, grounded center provides the safety that grants you the capacity to sense and remain present to your intense emotions during the release of electro-charged shock while your body is being suffused by Pure Breath of Love. Being present does not re-traumatize you.

Being present while reposed in your inner-body sanctum to be with intensity amid the release of shock strengthens your will.

A fear-based ego creates the false belief that being present to intensity is traumatic; this strategy needs to be exposed, illuminated, and transmuted by love.

Note: If this perspective is offensive, please do not enroll in Dynamic Stillness School Classes.

In review, the Master Class Series depends on a practitioner's dedication to self-responsibility, and the commitment to cultivate a fierce-hearted, self-compassionate practice that builds the strength of will, which becomes an unwavering presence of stillness.

Your subsequent ever-deepening capacities of being present with 'what is' amid any degree of intensity, intimacy, or paradox is the portal into the descending phase of the evolution of your consciousness that escorts you on your Grail journey to Pure Breath of Love.

One fruit of inner repose is a fundamental trust in life that permits the relaxation of consciousness down into the body, freed from thinking fixated in the head due to fear. Instead, you drop into the sensuousness of the inner-body space and repose in your heart radiance that is in union with Eros in the pelvis as your natural state.

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