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Level 1

The Mentor Course with Giorgia Milne


Because Giorgia's Mentor Course is limited to a small class size it requires an up-front commitment for the whole year, and tuition is not refundable for any reason.

Giorgia Milne teaches a living curriculum so it ever evolves. The following description is only an outline of a non-linear process in time. Giorgia's Mentor Course is not this exact description and format per each individual level. Some of her Mentor Courses abroad are configured into 3 levels with a longer duration, others occur in the 4-level format described below.

Giorgia: "Each group field is unique and expresses its own consciousness and ‘evolutionary process.’ What follows gives you a sense of the overall evolutionary transformation that is possible."

Level 1

The first of four levels, the Mentor Class continues where Giorgia's Initiatory Course left off. She emphasizes a deeper cultivation of the practitioner disposition for offering Stillness Touch for the evolution of consciousness. This involves consciously inhabiting your inner body space with sensing presence, abiding in the self-existing radiance of your heart while reposed in the Eros of the pelvic floor to derive guidance from the sensuous tones in your inner body atmosphere, which is the wisdom of your body that is connected to the Wisdom of the Whole.

Giorgia will point out to you the hindrances to the fundamental disposition that is required to offer touch for the evolution of consciousness. Namely, she exposes the opposing ancestral hypermasculine disposition that has infected our culture since the break-up of the hunter-gatherer period some 10,000 years ago. This is the shadow side of an ego operating from the hypermasculine disposition that objectifies life and efferently relates to it, which creates the body-mind split that separates us from our natural erotic state of bodily union with Love. Ego dissociates and fragments our awareness, orienting it up into the head, out of the body, and in recoil from a reposed state inside the sensuous of our inner body; the opposite of the hypermasculine state in the body is Criatura.

Criatura is the original state of a body that is erotically suffused with the Radiance of Love. A hypermasculine ego out of fear of feminine power demonizes Criatura and her sensuous expressions. Criatura thrives when your attention is free and it flows with the Divine Feminine as Pure Breath of Love.

When your attention is free, the body is absent ego driven bodily recoils, so Love suffuses the body. As an aside, the bodily recoils are due to subconscious fear of feeling the seemingly unbearable discomfort of the Core Erotic Wound, which was the first event that separated us from the Love at a tender age. This fear is particularly active amid the release of shock from past trauma.  Yet fear, or discomfort, is not an indicator to cease allowing Love to flow into our wounds.

* This is an important discernment: Being with discomfort and the feeling of intense emotions during the release of electrocharged shock while body is being suffused with Pure Breath of Love does not re-traumatize you. Remaining present inside the body while being with intensity during the release of shock strengthens your will. It is a fear-based hypermasculine ego that leads us to believe otherwise, and this requires exposure, recognition, and illumination.

* Note: If you find this perspective offensive, please do not enroll in the Dynamic Stillness School's training.

Our classes are built on fierce-hearted compassionate practices: you cultivate a sensing presence that becomes unwavering and ever-deepening capacities to be with 'what is' amid intensity while reposing in fundamental trust. You relax down from the thinking in the head due to a fear-based hypermasculine disposition, and you drop into the sensuousness of body to repose in your heart radiance that is in union with Eros in the pelvis as your natural state.

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