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Charles Ridley

Master Class
Descend Into Your Body
Enflesh Love That Is Stronger Than Death


Master Class Replaces 
The Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor

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4 Professional Trainings

* Master Classes
* Teacher Training Immersion
* Recertification
* Private Intensive

3 Master Classes

* Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love
* Face Your Grail Wound Open to Love
* Enquiry and Stillness as Bypass

2 Teacher Training Immersions

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Private Intensive

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Stillness Touch Lay Classes

* Stillness Touch: The Art of Transmitting Love 
* Stillness Touch Couple's Class
* Meditation Evenings and Retreats

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Dynamic Stillness Press

Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love  Click Here

Upcoming Stillness Touch Translations:
German, Spanish, French, Italian, Czech 


Evolution Of Dynamic Stillness School Professional Trainings 

When in the neutral of BE STILL, the tides usher consciousness on an ascending journey to Dynamic Stillness - I AM

Charles taught the ancient practices of neutral in his Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor Courses, circa 2001 (Stillness Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness, 2006). 

After 20 years, the Mentor Course has been replaced by the Master Class based on the book Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love.


The Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor is an Ascending Journey of BE STILL AND KNOW I AM

Whereas the Master Class is a Post-biodynamic Descending Grail Journey of Pure Breath of Love

Our Grail Journey Challenge: No Efference

Efference blocks the decent of consciousness.

Efference Means Carry Out

Efference carry's our presence out of its inner-body sanctum by recoil that creates many types of bypass:

We enquire into biodynamic tides, cling to stillness, orient to anatomy, objectify recipients, look for symptoms, make suggestions, offer techniques to heal. 

Efference creates a field of inertia for disfunction and dis-ease. 

To cease efference, engage descending Stillness Practices that yield consciousness to the potency of Pure Breath of Love, which exists prior to tides. 
(Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love Chapter 9).

Biodynamic Tides Disappear in I AM
Which is the End of the Biodynamic Map

To continue your post-biodynamic Grail Journey, 
wait in Dynamic Stillness, I AM will descend 
into the cells and emanate Pure Breath of Love 
(Stillness Ch. 9, and Stillness Touch Ch. 9)

Origins Of The Master Class

Charles taught his Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor Course until 2010. Meanwhile, in 2008 Charles was invited to teach Biodynamic Osteopaths in Toulouse and Paris, France. Those classes led to the publication of a beautiful expanded French expanded edition of Stillness translated by Olivier Fourteau, DO, who also translated the e-Book Stillness Practices, which is available in our STORE

Then, in 2013 Charles was invited to teach Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) graduates in Italy, which led to the publication of an expanded edition of Stillness in Italian that was lovingly translated and published by Bea Arico and Annalisa Martini.

In 2014, the Kripalu Center For Yoga and Health invited Charles to teach his Stillness Touch Lay Class that lasted for 5 years. Kripalu also asked Charles to teach the entire Health Services Staff a "Master Class" for two years, which inspired the current name.

The next year 2015, Martin Srdce of the Czech Craniosacral Association orchestrated the translation and publication of Stillness in Czech; Martin also asked Charles to teach his postgraduate courses in Prague.

Meanwhile, in 2015 Daniel Agustoni author and founder of the Sphinx Craniosacral Institute asked Charles to teach post-graduate classes in Basel. Daniel's selfless labor of love gave birth to the publication of a new German book Präsent in der Stille that was beautifully translated by Sabine Tobi Miller. Tobi also translated eBook Stillness Practices and recently completed Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love, which will be published by Dynamic Stillness Press soon.  

In 2018, Dee Dee Schmidt-Pedersen founder of the Fulcrum Institute, invited Charles to teach his classes in Copenhagen.

See "Who Can Enroll in Master Class" below.

Charles' Books Create Explosive Demand for Dynamic Stillness School Courses


Stillness Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness (2006) - English, Japanese, French, Italian, Czech (Spanish soon). 

~ Stillness Practices e-book for Practitioners - English, French, German

~ Stillness Practices Lay e-book - English

~ Stillness Touch; Art of  Transmitting Love Lay e-Book - English, German

~ The Missing Glossary Practitioner e-book - English

~ Prasent in der Stille (2019) - German
~ Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love (2020) - English (German, Spanish, Italian, Czech, French soon)

 Bypass Blocks Evolution

Stuck in stillness and enquiry into tides
 block our descent into our shadows.

If free of these recoils, we enter a descending Grail Journey to Pure Breath of Love 
that is off the biodynamic cranial osteopathy map.

 Master Class
Is My Response To Chronic Bypass

Descending practices unite the body with love
based on Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love

The Master Class abides by Dr. Sutherland's non-doing principle of BE STILL AND KNOW I AM

Wait in I AM and enter a descending journey: 

Body As Consciousness That Emanates Pure Breath Of Love

Practitioners of Any Healing Modality are Welcome to the Master Class

The Master Class supports all practitioners

We offer specific Stillness Practices that deepen your inner-body sensing abilities so any practitioner can enjoy a body-felt, living contact with Pure Breath of LoveThe Master Class emphasizes a descent within the body by resting in the heart's radiance at the SA node while reposing in the pelvic floor to sense what arises within.  Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love characterizes this journey of descent as a post-biodynamic Stillness Touch practice.

The Master Class combines the essence of Stillness Chapter 9, e-book Stillness Practices, and Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love, (Or the German/Italian equivalents), which thoroughly explore the post-biodynamic mapless domain of consciousness called Pure Breath of Love.

Participants in the Master Class realize the mysterious alchemy of touch an experience how Stillness Touch emanates love flesh-to-flesh through entrainment without being the doer.

 Practitioner Homework And Support

In the Master Class you receive a detailed Workbook and Study Guide to support you in navigating hidden blocks that unconsciously recoil you from love as they arise from the Core Wounds.

Who can enroll in the Master Class?

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Master Classes are open to all health care practitioners. 

If you wish to be a certified Stillness Touch practitioner listed on the Dynamic Stillness web site, you complete three Master Classes and successfully pass a written exam.

Again, Master Class principles and practices are easily integrated into any healing modality such as medical physicians, osteopaths, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, homeopaths, naturopaths, bodyworkers, water workers, spiritual teachers, specialists who practice posture and movement such as Pilates, Continuum, Alexander, somatic experience, and yoga teachers, to name a few.

Journey to Love

Access to Pure Breath of Love evolves Dr. Sutherland's profound gift of BE STILL AND KNOW I AM.  

I AM is the end of the biodynamic map.

When I AM implodes into the cells, we enter a Post-biodynamic Grail Wound Journey to Love.

The practice of orienting inwardly toward the SA Node opens awareness to the heart’s radiant field as infinite Pure Consciousness. Meanwhile, reposing in the space of the pelvic floor, a practitioner’s sensing presence of stillness facilitates powerful encounters with spectral expressions of Pure Breath of Love. Here you contact the immense unerring potency that makes the body, heals the body, and evolves consciousness, which leads to an inner union of the body with the love that creates all that is. 

Link to Master Classes in Europe 

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