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What Is Stillness Touch?

A Stillness Touch Practice evolves your consciousness that you can transmit to others through touch by entrainment in neutral.

You are taught inner body practices that free your awareness and unite it with Pure Breath of Love, the spectral power of embryogenesis that made the body and evolves your consciousness. This is the power that transmutes two cells into a 50 trillion-celled child over nine months. Pure Breath of Love emanates from Dynamic Stillness, and when it implodes in your inner body it unites Pure Consciousness with the Love that creates all that is. In addition, we are intrigued by the mystery of the body as a vehicle for the evolution of consciousness.

What is Body?

Created by your inner body union of Pure Consciousness and Universal Love,  body extends far beyond the skin. Your body is made of the full spectrum expressions of Pure Consciousness and Universal Love, whose inner-body tidal expressions are called primary respiration. When you realize Pure Breath of Love it is the culmination of the evolutionary process that becomes mapless.

Primary respiration emanates as the embryological forces that emit tones, which form the geometric shapes in protoplasm that create the body, maintain and heal the body; it is the source for development of your perceptual capacities during childhood, and as adults it becomes Pure Breath of Love that evolves consciousness toward union of body with the Love that creates all that is, … all this is body.

What is the Breath of Life?

Breath of Life is a potent force of nature. After conception, the Breath of Life emanates a multi-tidal potency from inside the core midline of the embryo. Breath of Life suffuses the embryo with the forces of life and consciousness that ebb and flow as primary respiration. The suffusion of this inner breath in the embryonic protoplasm is mediated by the pacemaker cells, which surround the embryo. Pacemaker cells become the SA Node of the heart, which emanates a self-existing radiance that like the conductor of a symphony directs the fractal, multi-tidal motion of Life, Consciousness, and Love in your protoplasmic ground substance that maintains and heals your body and evolves your consciousness.

A Stillness Touch Session

A certified Stillness Touch practitioner accesses the full spectrum of primary respiration and lets it direct the session. You rest in Stillness inside the self-existing radiance of heart while reposed in the pelvic floor with free attention. You do not leave this ‘seat’ to track inside the client’s subtle body, or to orient to their nervous system, nor do you visualize or look for the cranial wave, inertial motion patterns, midlines, zones, or tides, and you do not name or dialogue about the process that unfolds during the session.

Be Still and Know

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