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What are the Benefits of Practicing Stillness Touch?

The key to the practice of Stillness Touch is the practitioner disposition: you abide inwardly in stillness, amid the self-existing radiance of the heart, while reposed in the pelvic inner breathing portal in non-doing. Touch becomes transmission by entrainment whereby a client enjoys Stillness united with Love.

A practitioner who reposes in this disposition leaves Pure Breath of Love entirely free to lovingly suffuse healthy fractal motion into the inertial patterns of a client’s wounds by transmutation, which is the process of Whole-making. Healing that occurs in this 'Heart Field of Love' is beyond rational, and there are thousands of empirical reports that can only be characterized as miraculous - much like the creation of a human being from the union of two cells.

Wholeness occurs on all levels: symptoms disappear in the body, psyche, and spirit. All systems are impacted: musculoskeletal, immune, neurological, hormonal, visceral, psychological, learning, perception, meridian, chakra, bindu, nadis, and consciousness.

Healing is a coherent process that unites all 'separate parts’ with all Wholes, which renders separation of body from Love an irrelevant misperception.

As a Stillness Touch Practitioner, you realize that there is no point in the spectrum of body, Pure Consciousness, and Pure Breath of Love where separation actually exists. A client realizes this in a session when sensing how their body precisely responds to the eternal song of boundless Consciousness that is in union with the Sacred Pulse of Love.

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