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Before Deciding Your Topics
And Choosing Your Touch Modalies

Create Your Custom Private Intensive.

The following topics are only suggestions to help you craft your custom Private:

~ For Personal Development
    (Navigate The Challenges Specific To You)

~ Learn Advanced Stillness Touch
    (See Details Below)

~ Professional Training in Stillness Touch
    (30 hours - See Other Suggested Topics Below)

~ Legacy Teacher Training
    (Write Me For Details)

Your Private Intensive

Together, In Mutuality, We Can Craft Your Custom Private Intensive In Any Way You Desire

Unerring potency emanates from your heart field as inner-body wisdom, or Eros, which Tantric Buddhists call innate bliss. Practicing pratyahara while touching or being touched builds the inner-body potency of your Eros that transmutes to innate bliss. When the strength of your innate bliss builds in your body, it will illuminate the shadows and transmute any unbearable intensity into life-giving Shakti.

Put another way, your continued pratyahara during touch leads to Sacred Repose. You do not engage efference, nor do you use fear or desire to bypass, dissociate, or unwind to discharge unwanted energy, recoil your Eros, or block the build-up of innate bliss. Rather, in Sacred Repose you enter what Tantric Buddhists call the Completion Stage that leads to a bodily union with The All.

Recoils to your innate bliss occur anytime you are bodily separated from your Eros. Loosing connection to Eros is unbearably painful, which is why depth psychology calls our separation from Eros a Core Erotic Wound. The after effects of not integrating our Core Erotic Wounds can be debilitating and life-long. Walking your Grail Journey is the solution.

To engage pratyahara during session exchanges means to maintain continuous innerness that cultivates Sacred Repose, which profoundly strengthens innate bliss. Then navigating your Core Erotic Wounds becomes easier.

When pratyahara matures, the presence of Divine Feminine Wisdom builds in your body's cells, which not only emanates love from your heart field, the love also guides you in your days to day life. Inside your heart's Inner Silence lies the mystery of your body as consciousness that is united with love. When you can let Divine Feminine Wisdom be your guiding principle, you can offer Advanced Stillness Touch.

Advanced Stillness Touch - Stillness In Motion 

Advanced Stillness Touch as stillness in motion is exclusively based on post-biodynamic principles. You can choose any hands-on modality you desire to exchange. The following modalities are suggestions for exchanging touch as a moving meditation that cultivates Sacred Repose:

~ Lymphatics

~ Anointment of the Skin

~ Organ Contacts - External and Internal

~ Chakra Contacts And Midline Recoils

~ Contacts For Unconscious Bodily Recoils

Unconscious Bodily Recoils Block The Pulse of Eros And Stops Love From Reaching The Heart's Radiance: 

How Do I Navigate My Core Erotic Wounds?

One major challenge we face is how to navigate our personal recoils to love that are due to our Core Erotic Wounds (See chapters 3 and 6 of the book Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love). During our Private Intensive, we can exchange any of your chosen Advanced Stillness Touch modalities that can help you stretch beyond your limiting edges to help integrate the imbalances in your midline, chakras, and organ fields. You can learn to touch the midline areas, the corresponding organs and the correlate chakras during your session exchanges. 

Walk Your Grail Journey? 

Your Grail Journey is designed to integrate your Core Erotic Wounds, which includes navigating the bodily areas of recoil that are responsible for creating the Psychotic Core that places you under the control of the false self (not-self). When you are 'behaved' by the Psychotic Core, the not-self or Superego has taken over your will. The Psychotic Core complex strikes a narcissistic 'devils bargain' with the Absolute (Dynamic Stillness) by commanding I AM to give me what I want out of life. This occurs when we are passive prisoners of our Core Erotic Wounds, which severely limits fully living our authentic life, and hinders the evolution of our consciousness to the point of stagnation.

Also, when are "behaved" by our shadow complexes, our behavior is highly conditioned, it not authentic. According to Steiner, when this complex co-opts our soul forces, the Beast takes over our thinking, felt-sense, and will. I call this complex the snake because it is a distortion of our Kundalini, the Sacred Serpent power of Love that dwells in our creative Pelvic Chakra 2. We easily see that the Beast controls the consciousness of the masses (Chapter 5-6 Stillness Touch).

How Do I Transmute From Separation To Embodiment To Enfleshment?

First, cultivate the wisdom of the body, by letting your inner-body sensing be your guide. Inner-body guidance is applicable during session exchanges and also in your life. The subsequent insights you gain from uniting your consciousness with the wisdom of your body helps you differentiate transpersonal sensing from personal feelings and emotions that are colored by our unintegrated Core Erotic Wounds.

Pratyahara And Stillness Midline Contacts

With pratyahara, you contact your 'invisible' inner midline to access the three physical midline centers - head, heart, pelvis. You find ground and your center while exchanging midline contacts that re-unite all three midline centers as one.

Learn The Art Of Hand And Heart Modulation While Touching

When you touch and receive touch while in Sacred Repose, the presence of stillness creates a tonal match with your recipient. Non-doing touch leaves the practitioner and the recipient's body free to open and unfold into love in mutuality.

Synchronize With Subtle Primary Respiration

With neutral touch, you naturally synchronize with innate bliss, leaving it in charge of the session; the practitioner does nothing except be still.

Synchronize With Dynamic Stillness As I AM

Once you have thoroughly cultivated Sacred Repose, and gained experience synchronizing with the tidal expressions of primary respiration, you are prepared to encounter Dynamic Stillness. Then, once infinite stillness descends and implodes within your cells, you cross the threshold and realize freedom from the limiting aspects of the ego.

Synchronize With Pure Breath Of Love, Which Is The Sacred Pulse Of The Spanda

After the implosion of Dynamic Stillness into your cells, you naturally realize Pure Breath of Love. However, you are also presented with the remaining threads of your history while Pure Breath of Love unravels all the recoils from love that have kept you from integrating your Core Wound.

Other Suggested Topics

*Professional Training: Take 3 Master Classes as a Private Intensive
(30 hours - we meet for 5 or 6 days, 5-6 hours a day.)

If you take the Master Class as a Private Intensive, you receive the same Practice Workbooks and Study Guides as group Master Class participants.

Click This Link For The Master Class

Cranial Topics To Explore In-depth

The four (4) types of cranial work:

The first two types are Pre-Biodynamic cranial:

1) Biomechanical
2) Functional 
3) Biodynamic Is An Ascending Tidal Journey to Realize I AM
4) Post-Biodynamic Is The Descending Journey after I AM Implodes in the Cells and Pulse Pure Breath of Love 

Discern The Level Of Elemental Consciousness Of Each Enfoldment:

~ Cranial Wave - Earth
~ Fluid Tide - Water
~ Long Tide - Air and Fire
~ Dynamic Stillness - Ether
~ Pure Breath of L
ove - Union of All Elements - Second Birth

How to Distinguish the Appropriate Practice Boundaries between Pre-biodynamic, Biodynamic, and Post-biodynamic

Practitioner Preparation Before Touching

A Practitioner's Daily Stillness Practice

Pure Breath of Love as a post-biodynamic non-tidal, mapless domain of consciousness

Ways that Practitioner Efference Recoils Consciousness and prevents us from realizing Pure Breath of Love

Navigating your Core Erotic Wounds

Explore the conflicts between Ida and Pingala that facilitate Recoils in the Chakra fields, which block the free-flowing Pulse of Eros

Explore the correlation between the Ancient Tantric Traditions of Touch, Stillness Practices, and Stillness Touch


By enrolling in any Private Intensive you agree to the following Refund Policy:

After you register and pay for your Private Intensive time and it has been scheduled, there are no refunds for cancellations for any reason 30 days before class begins. Payment must be completed to reserve your Private Time. 

After the intensive, you will receive by email written study material to support you with navigating the specific topics that you choose to study during your Private Intensive.

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