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Pricing for Private one-on-one Mentoring

Private Professional Mentor Course
A 50-hour private one-to-one mentoring that leads to certification.
Cost: $10,000 USD

Private Intensive for Personal or Professional Development, or Stillness Touch Sessions 
Cost: $200 USD per hour
Minimum: four-hour block.

Payment Method: Check, Cash, or Credit Card via Paypal, which accepts VISA, MC, American Express, Discover, Checks, or in Europe, Australia, and the UK Transferwise bank transfers.

Pricing for Group Courses taught by Giorgia Milne:

Initiatory Course with Giorgia Milne

Initiatory is required before enrolling in the Stillness Touch Mentor Program

Cost: $695.00 for a four-day course, $600 for three days.

Stillness Touch Mentor Course with Giorgia Milne

Cost: $4,000

Enrolling in Giorgia's group Mentor Course requires that you have already taken, or are enrolling in, the Initiatory Course or equivalent Private Intensive, and you agree in writing to an up-front commitment to pay for the entire course, which involves attending:

1) Levels One through Four that meet four times a year/four days each time.

2) Three books are required reading before taking the Mentor Course:

STILLNESS: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness (Random House)

e-Book: Stillness Practices (For Practitioners)

e-Book: The Missing Glossary 

Both e-Books and guided meditation audios are available on the site store.

Annual Gathering
This course hosted by Giorgia is open only to Mentor graduates, which by yearly attending you declare your commitment to our Biodynamic community, and you maintain certification as a practitioner listed on the site.
Cost: $225 USD.

The site is designed to provide you with the information you need to decide if this non-medical work is right for you and to help you navigate what avenue to take. I encourage you to start reading the suggested books before undertaking any of our offerings: the Initiatory Course, Stillness Touch Mentor Course, or a Private Intensive one-on-one for Personal Development or Professional Development.

If AFTER reading the contents of this site you have a question that is not covered here, please email Charles by clicking:

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