Stillness Touch: The Art of Transmission of Love
Kripalu: March 14-16, 2014
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Stillness Touch for Couples:

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Stillness Touch is for Personal Development - open to anyone.

Stillness Touch:

Restore Body to its Natural State:
The Art of Transmission through Touch

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All Stillness Touch courses are open to anyone interested in Personal Development. The principles and practices we offer are based on Stillness: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness Charles Ridley's book for professional health practitioners, which was completely re-written for the Stillness Touch Classes.

You can purchase it as an e-Book,Stillness Touch and it's companion e-Book,Stillness Practices, click here: Store

Stillness Touch

Class Overview:

This training is my response to the call of the times that we awaken to The Love and let it in, so our bodies can be restored as Sacred Vessels.

Restore Body to its original state as Sacred Vessel of The Love through feeling embodiment of Stillness, Presence, and Stillness Touch.

Through Stillness Practices and non-doing Stillness Touch - letting what is be as it is - we transmit our essence, as unconditional love, to another.

Day One:

"Finding your personal inner Gateway to Stillness:"

We'll learn to embody Stillness - as an embodied, inner-sensing gateway of tone - through which we contact the infinite inner body space, which is the portal to the sensuous flow of Eros, as life's wisdom of the whole. By repeated contact with the sensuous flow of your Eros Body, we gradually cease self-intervention and gain access to body's natural state of wisdom, by which we neither interfere with, collapse into, nor leave ourselves amid contact with intimacy, intensity, and paradox of Love and what is illuminated about ourselves be the self-revealing depths of Dynamic Stillness.

Restoring your body's natural state of wisdom and innocence - as Sacred Vessel of Love - frees your consciousness from the gripping and rejecting tendencies of the ego-based personality structure.

Body's Natural State reveals itself within certain practices: Stillness Meditations, Whole-Body Breathing, Abiding in Midline, Sensing the qualities and tones of Stillness in the Inner Body Atmosphere, Feelingly inhabiting the three Centers - Head, Heart, and Pelvis - with the Presence of Stillness while abiding in the SA Node of Heart.

When these practices unify as one process it becomes gateway - a Sacred Sense: Spiritual Touch, by which we directly contact the singular living substance of Love that permeates and flows between body, world, and inner infinite Stillness.

Day Two:

"Stillness Touch: The Art of Transmission"

Designed to deepen, through touch, the inner body Stillness Gateway Practices we learned on day one.

We will touch in a manner that does not interfere with the freedom of life's flow in the recipients inner body, which when left unimpeded - as it is - expresses as the sensuous erotic flow of Love.

We will feelingly navigate the tonal stages of Stillness Touch - via the gateway of Stillness - by offering hands-on Bodily Contact, Waiting, Coming off the body, Closure, Integration, Support and Validation - in a way that frees the recipient's unfolding flow of inner body Wisdom, Consciousness, and Love.

Essentially, this class reveals that we are each capable of gifting to another the mystery of Touch as a body-to-body transmission of Love.

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More Details:
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Our Stillness Classes explore Stillness Touch as an expression of Kasmir Shaivism (KS). In KS teachings, body is limitless sensation - a subtle, gentle vibratory web of vast shimmering consciousness – Dynamic Stillness - The Sacred Pulse, or Spanda.

Body, therefore, is the quintessential expression of Life, Consciousness, Wisdom, and Love that includes the whole universe.

Our inner Body pulses as a limitless tonal web, realized when we feelingly attune to the sensations in our infinite inner body space. We rediscover the fundamental harmony and original state of body - it's Sacred Pulse as infinite Love - as all that is.

We realize body as non-localized, non-limited field of sensation that includes the totality – this is a non-dual state of reality and its natural state of unity. The limited and separate body does not exist as the total reality. It is a contracted perception, a limiting concept that is an illusion, not the total reality of body.

Love is the invisible flesh become visible AS body.

Through feelingly abiding in infinite inner body Stillness, we experience limitless, non-separate Love - AS body. We feelingly abide in Stillness, and attend to the sensation of inner breath in the inner body space - its rhythms and its pathways - without any objective of transforming anything. Being aware of our inner whole-body breathing process, our attention perceives inner body flow that includes the external and internal. We become aware of sensations arising as different aspects of body as a whole, its various pulses, currents, zones of tension, paradoxical intensities, spaciousness, fluidities, as expressions of Eros Body.

During inner body listening, as a felt-sense, a soft subtle movement of inner breath arises as non-contrived, non-formal pulsing movement that is natural and spontaneous, and which unfolds itself slowly throughout the whole inner body. This continuous fractal movement flows as an inherent erotic inner tonal breathing that in Kasmir Shaivism is known as the Sacred Pulse of the Spanda.

This Sacred Pulse blossoms when we totally abandon our will to “do” or modify something, and instead we surrender without any constraints, to the listening and sensing of inner-body breath. This inner-body breathing takes root very low in the pelvis and Pulses through the whole inner body space as an unending, infinite inner wave of the Eros Body - the Sacred Pulse - which will caress and untie tensions and restrictions that recoil our awareness away from Love.

In this deep, tactile inner listening and sensing of the whole of our inner being, our fears, doubts, and separating thoughts will softly melt into vibrant silence and become united in the Sacred Pulse of The Love - a mysterious place that is the intersection between formless and form - the Dynamic Stillness.

It takes practice to feelingly abide in inner Stillness long enough to taste the infinite and subtle variations of the inner body Sacred Pulse of Love. It is difficult to master because Dynamic Stillness creates spatiality in the three levels unifying at once body, mind, and emotion. We can then experience how to ‘be with’ the flowing pulse of Love as the entire universe without fear and resistance.

Eventually, the whole of our body, mind, speech, emotion, and actions will become less and less constricted by ego's conceptual references, limiting beliefs, painful memories, recoil, reactivity, emotionality, and fear of the feminine. Body will freely open and flow harmoniously with the unfolding of the whole - as a Sacred Pulse until you realize your body AS LOVE.

Once your inner body opens to the Sacred Pulse, a deep and pure presence of Love suffuses your flesh, uniting all thoughts, speech, emotions, gestures, consciousness, will, and Love. We then discover true spontaneity, and the capacity to surrender deeper into life’s continuous multiplicity unfolding as it is – as Love - that is all that is.

Recommended Reading as Support Material for Stillness Series:

Stillness Practices

An e-Book with the basic practices that are covered in class.

Stillness Touch is a rewrite of the practitioner book, Stillness.

Both books, as well as supportive Stillness Meditations in Audio Mp3 format, are available from our store, click here: Store

Dynamic Stillness
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Muir Beach, CA 94965



"The surprises of the two days were delicious. Your workshop was/is beyond words. I am still in an altered state and may never be the same again. Hooray. Thank you for the lifetime developing this work. Even more for the generosity of sharing it so freely. Your workshop had no padding, no jargon, no hype, and just delivered again and again in deceptively simple words and actions."

Selma Lewis, Ph.D.
Psychotherapy and Hypnosis

"Since 1967, I have been involved with finding out who I really am...the blockages in seeing into true nature is hidden in our minds and bodies. When we relax our ego control, then strong, true messages come through. Easily said, but how to do? Charles Ridley has been of great help in allowing my blockages to be seen through. Don't ask me how he does it; in fact, he doesn't seem to do anything, but the results can be both subtle and dramatic."

Robert McCullough BA, BS, MBA

From another participant:

"New portals are opening within myself, creating crystalline clarity within my cells, transfusing Love throughout my entire body. Typically I'm open hearted, yet closed energetically to NOT attract attention, but today I remained open, and witnessed Shakti in MOTION! WOW!!! The smiles I received from men and women was incredible.

For so long I've held back my love, not wanting to give the "wrong idea" to clients, more so with men. A long time ago I gave so much love during sessions that I received flowers and was asked on dates many times. I felt this was wrong, like I was wrong giving so much love, so I stopped this flow. And now, looking back I realized I was cutting off Eros. In doing so, I see why my body ached and felt so tense and stuck after session - because I was stopping the flow of Eros!

I understand now there's a fine line:

I can stand in my radiance, offer love, and stay within myself.

Yes! This is what Stillness Practices taught me. This is why I cried so hard when I found your work. This is what I always knew, and I now have words based on a direct felt-sense experience of it all."

Purpose of Stillness Practices:

Embodying Stillness calms wavering, chaotic thoughts

Stillness reveals your Core of inner stability - the midline

Contact with Stillness in the center of your Heart reveals your True Nature - the non-separate Self

Cultivating whole-body felt sense unites all senses into one Sacred Sense: Spiritual Touch

Learn to sense the unfolding of your inner body-as-consciousness

Discover how attuning to the tone in your inner body atmosphere is a guide to living in harmony with the flow of life (In the Tao)

In the Stillness Practices Class you will receive:

Stillness Meditations

Whole-body Breathing

Ways to feelingly locate your Midline - the inner core of your Self

How to Access the center of your Heart (SA Node or Pacemaker)

Cultivate your whole-body felt sense

Embody Stillness in the three centers - head, heart, and pelvis

Abide in not-knowing

Appreciate the value of inner body tonality

Characterize your experiences in sensual body felt language

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Purpose of Stillness Touch:

To learn specific body contacts

Practice 'neutral' touch in a way that does not disturb your recipient's delicate unfolding life inner body flow

Sense the unfolding of body as consciousness

Learn to transmit essence, as unconditional love, body-to-body to another through entrainment

Learn to give yourself a Stillness Touch session

In the Stillness Touch Class you will receive:

How to apply specific body contacts to another

Inner preparation before touching another's body

How to make bodily contact in a way that does not disturb your recipient's delicate unfolding flow of consciousness

How to wait in 'don't know' without an outcome or agenda

How to come off your recipient's body seamlessly

Learn the art of closure, integration, support, and validation

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Supportive Audio Mp3 Titles:

Whole-Body Breathing

Navigating the Invisible Midline

Three Midlines

Midline, Body-Felt Sense, and the SA Node

Nervous System Wash

Gut Wash

Notochord Wash