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Level 3

Level Three is the fulcrum class of the Mentor Program. The heart-felt, bodily erotic relationship with Pure Breath of Love that you have cultivated, prepares you to surrender all unconscious recoil due to the Core Wound: the hypermasculine ego's separating, objectifying, efferent strategies that separate body from Love. Separation is due to shadow emanations that subconsciously drive the recoils that disconnect us from a bodily union with Love in the three body centers of the head: doubt, heart: hatred, pelvis: fear.

Once freed of these hidden drives that originate from the Core Wound as the deep shadow emanations that control the three fundamental centers of thinking, feeling, and will, you enter the infinite potential of Dynamic Stillness, the fulcrum of our evolutionary work. Dynamic Stillness will implode in your inner body while you welcome with presence a total suffusion of Pure Breath of Love as a Sacred Union of Consciousness with Love.

For More Information read Stillness Chapter 8-9 

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