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Dynamic Stillness School
For the Evolution of Consciousness

The Dynamic Stillness School offers only a non-medical, non-doing approach to touch for the evolution of consciousness as originally instructed by the founder of biodynamic cranial Dr. Sutherland.

Our offerings are open to practitioners and non-practitioners alike for Personal and Professional Development. However, if you wish to be recognized as a practitioner of Stillness Touch, you become certified by taking the Mentor Course taught exclusively by Giorgia Milne.

Personal Development and Professional Certification Classes Taught by Giorgia Milne:

1) Stillness Touch is a two-day immersion in our practices open to anyone.
Link to Stillness Touch at Kripalu

2) Initiatory Course is taught exclusively by Giorgia Milne and it is open to anyone who wishes to develop personally or desires to investigate a committed professional certification. Its completion is required to join the Mentor Course. Link to Giorgia Milne's Initiatory Classes

3) Stillness Touch Mentor Course taught exclusively by Giorgia Milne, is open to those who wish to deeply develop personally, or who want to become a certified professional Biodynamic Cranial Touch Practitioner. Link to Giorgia Milne's Mentor Classes 

In addition to the above courses that Giorgia Milne offer, she hosts Annual Gatherings and heads the Immersion Program.  

4) Annual Gatherings are hosted by Giorgia Milne and are only open to graduates of the Biodynamic Cranial/Stillness Touch Mentor Course who wish to stay current with the ever-evolving transmission, to inwardly restore with colleagues, and to maintain certification. Link to Giorgia's Annual Gatherings

5) The Immersion Program is by invitation from Giorgia Milne and open to qualified graduates who wish to become more deeply immersed in this work beyond the year-long Mentor Course.

6) Postgraduate Courses are taught in Europe by Charles and are open to graduate cranial practitioners.

7) Private Intensives: You can take the Stillness Touch, Initiatory, Mentor Course, and Annual Gathering in a group field setting, or as a Private Intensive. The Immersion Program and Post Graduate Courses are only available in the group setting with Giorgia Milne.

For details click: 
Private Intensive Mentoring and Sessions

Mentor Course - Exclusively Taught by Giorgia Milne

A Non-doing, Evolutionary Training That Enhances any Modality

Giorgia Milne is the exclusive teacher of the Stillness Touch Mentor Course. It is limited to a small group that meets for one year. The inner practices you learn to evolve your consciousness can be integrated into any healing modality.

Giorgia's course participants have included medical physicians, osteopaths, integrative medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, homeopaths, naturopaths, bodyworkers, water workers, spiritual teachers, specialists in posture and movement, Pilates, Continuum, somatic experience, and yoga, ... to name a few. She happily supports all practitioners of any modality who wish to realize a living contact with Pure Breath of Love.

In 1948, the founder of cranial work, Dr. Sutherland revealed his powerful insight: 'Trust the Tide.' At the Dynamic Stillness School, we realize this ‘Tide’ in an expanded spectral sense that includes the wisdom of the body as the classic tidal enfoldments of Breath of Life, as well as the Wisdom of the Whole as Pure Breath of Love, the power that creates all that is.

Giorgia will teach you how to inwardly recognize these spectral expressions as distinct yet overlapping, ever-evolving levels of consciousness. Touching another in non-doing, without objectification, and no efference, agenda, interference, motion testing the tissues, shifting into tides, engaging the ego of the client, or applying any outside force is so powerful that Dr. Sutherland characterized it as 'uncanny.'

Giorgia's Dynamic Stillness School courses are designed so you can cultivate a living, intimate, ever-deepening, body-felt connection with the spectral expressions of the Breath of Life, Consciousness, Love, and onward …

The Initiatory Course - Exclusively Taught By Giorgia Milne

In the Initiatory Course, Giorgia teaches you the disposition for practicing biodynamics for the evolution of consciousness. There are embodiment practices to access Stillness and your Midline that connect you to the spectral range of primary respiration in your inner body.

You orient inwardly, cease all objectification, efferent activity, and intervention while touching another. You abide by your natural state (neutral) while letting 'what is' be as it is. This means you neither leave your body or collapse amid the depths of intensity evoked by direct contact with the immense potency of Dynamic Stillness. Embodied inner sensing, abiding in the Stillness of your self-existing heart radiance, while reposed in the Eros of the pelvic floor are primary objectives of the Initiatory Course.

Evolving Beyond Biodynamics

The Dynamic Stillness School courses embody, expand, and evolve Dr. Sutherland's profound biodynamic insights through inner Stillness Meditations to access your invisible midline, enter your radiant heart field, and inhabit the inner body space of pelvic floor to sense. It is amid this disposition, while touching a client in a tonal match through entrainment, that you and the client experience powerful encounters with the spectral expressions of primary respiration as Pure Breath of Love. You remain in embodied sensual contact with the power that made the body, heals the body, and evolves your consciousness to a union of the body with the Love that creates all that is.

Giorgia Milne's Initiatory Course is open to non-practitioners, all health care practitioners, psychotherapists, movement therapists, somatic practitioners, and bodyworkers. It is required for all craniosacral practitioners, biodynamic cranial osteopaths, and biodynamic craniosacral practitioners who wish to cultivate the disposition to practice the evolutionary biodynamics before undertaking a committed year-long mentorship in Biodynamic Cranial Touch with Giorgia.

Note: the Initiatory Course is required if you have previous biodynamic cranial training because you need to learn touch for the evolution of consciousness from the disposition of non-intervention and non-efference to join the Stillness Touch Mentor Course described here: Level 1

For Class Dates see "News and Events" 
or click Link to Giorgia Milne's Initiatory and Mentor Classes

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