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Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love is the core book for all my Master Classes, Immersion Courses, and Private Intensives

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Stillness Touch Union Of Body & Love

Face Your Grail Wound And Open Your Body To Love

Enquiry, Stillness, Teacher Codependence As Bypass

The Master Classes Serve
A New Generation
Of Practitioners

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Practitioner Responsibility
& Take Home Practices

You are provided with take home practices to complete at your own pace after class that pinpoint specific ways to navigate hidden blocks from facing your Core Wounds that through spiritual bypass hinders the evolution of consciousness.

Mission Of The Master Class

The Master Class prepares you for a deep descent into your body to engage your Grail Journey to Love. This is NOT a medical practice!

After Master Class 1, it is not necessary that you take the other two classes consecutively: you can join Class 2 or 3 any time.

Charles supports navigating your journey of the descent of consciousness that integrates the unconscious psychosomatic recoils that prevent the cellular implosion of the potency of Pure Breath of Love. 

When Pure Breath of Love is in charge of your sessions, you enter a post-biodynamic Stillness Touch practice that evolves Dr. Sutherland's profound gift.

We honor the wisdom of Dr. Sutherland who in 1948 insisted that the practitioner does not treat.
Instead of being the medical doer, we trust the unerring potency.

The Master Classes reveal the esoteric teachings that have highly influenced Sutherland and Becker's core non-medical approach to touch, particularly philosopher-mystics Emanuel Swedenborg and Walter Russel.

We also explore Dr. Becker’s unrevealed and unspoken spiritual path of descent, Kashmir Shaivism, that advocates the Spanda as a Sacred Pulse, which we call Pure Breath of Love.

Finally, we integrate the ancient spiritual practice laying on of hands - practiced by Dr. Still the founder of osteopathy - by explicitly declaring that the practice of Stillness Touch is non-medical.

 How Do I Certify in Stillness Touch?

1) You Matriculate 3 Master Classes, or a Private Intensive
 2) You Complete a Written Examination

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At Dynamic Stillness You Realize I AM

When I AM Implodes In Your Cells

A Post-biodynamic Grail Journey Begins


Summary of The Master Class

The Master Classes provide you with specific Stillness Practices that support the descent of your consciousness into the body, which grants you a grounded embodied access to Pure Breath of Love. The sacred pulse lovingly escorts you on your Grail Journey that dissolves bypass and softens the recoils to love. Because Pure Breath of Love exhibits no biodynamic tides it is off the biodynamic map. 

As a practitioner, it is the pulse of your heart's SA Node that emanates your infinite field of radiant consciousness. During your Stillness practices, if you can repose in your inner body space at the pelvic floor and sense, you can realize an inner union of the body with the love that creates all, which is stronger than death.

When Sacred Pulse of Love baptizes your cells, your body is reborn as love's sacred vessel. 

The realization of your body as a Sacred Vessel of Love lands you in a spontaneous tonal match with your recipient that is natural without the practitioner doing anything. The match arises by entrainment through neutral touch that elicits powerful encounters with the spectral expressions of primary respiration that evolves into the sacred pulse of Pure Breath of Love.

Once you complete the three Master Classes, it is easy to repose in the power that made the body, heals the body, and evolves your consciousness. Diving deeper into yourself, you realize an inner union of the body as consciousness that emanates the pulse of love that creates all that is.

Realizing Pure Breath of Love restores the original function of your body as a Sacred Vessel of Love.

The Master Class is a Three-part Series For Details Click: Master Class 1

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