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Dynamic Stillness School Offers
Post-Biodynamic Courses
To Evolve Consciousness

The Dynamic Stillness School Mentor Program is oriented to navigating the hidden blocks from the Core Wounds that hinder the evolution of the practitioner's consciousness. We are inspired by the founder of biodynamic cranial work, Dr. Sutherland, who in 1948 insisted that the practitioner does not treat, instead we "trust the unerring potency of the tide." During the Mentor Course, you will receive insights into the unconscious ways of recoil that prevent a practitioner from letting the potency of Breath of Life be in charge during sessions and in daily life.

To join the Mentor Course one must first take the Initiatory Course.

Beside the Mentor Course, we have other offerings that are available to practitioners and non-practitioners alike for Personal and Professional Development. However, if you wish to be recognized as a professional practitioner, you join the Mentor Course.

All the Personal Development and Professional Courses Offered by the Dynamic Stillness School

1) Initiatory Course: exclusively taught by Giorgia Milne. It is open to anyone who wishes to develop personally, or who desires to investigate our offerings before joining a committed year-long Mentor Course. Completion of the Initiatory Course is required for anyone wishing to join the Mentor Course. Link to Initiatory Classes

2) Mentor Course: exclusively taught by Giorgia Milne. The Mentor Course is one year long and it is open to those who wish to deeply develop personally, or want to become a certified Stillness Touch practitioner. Link to BCT Mentor Classes 

3) Annual Gatherings: exclusively taught by Giorgia Milne, and open only to Mentor graduates to maintain practitioner status. Annual Gatherings

4) The Immersion Program: exclusively taught by Giorgia Milne by invitation and only open to qualified Mentor graduates who wish to continue a deeper immersion in this work as it evolves beyond the Mentor Course.

5) Post-Biodynamic Courses: taught by Charles Ridley in Europe since 2008. These three classes are open to any graduate cranial practitioner, Mentor graduates, or if you have taken an Initiatory Class. Link to Post-Biodynamic Courses in Europe

6) Lay Classes: introduces you to our practices and principles of Stillness Touch that you can offer to loved ones and friends - open to anyoneLay Class Link

7) Private Intensives: You can take a private intensive as a personal immersion in Stillness Touch, Initiatory, MentorAnnual Gathering, or for Personal DevelopmentPrivate Intensive

Initiatory Course

In the Initiatory Course is open to all. You learn the fundamental disposition for practicing Stillness Touch for the evolution of consciousness. You receive Stillness Practices to access the stillness within that connects you to the spectral range of primary respiration in your inner body space. You orient inwardly, cease all objectification, efferent activity, and intervention while you touch another. You abide in your natural state of neutral, while letting 'what is' be as it is. This means you neither leave your body, or collapse amid the depths of intensity evoked by direct contact with the immense potency of Dynamic Stillness. Embodied inner sensing, abiding in the stillness of your self-existing heart radiance, while reposed in the Eros of the pelvic floor are some of the primary practices inherent to the Initiatory Course.

The Initiatory Course is required before taking the BCT Mentor Course. It is open to anyone: non-practitioners, all health care practitioners, psychotherapists, movement therapists, somatic practitioners, bodyworkers, etc. Initiatory is required for all graduate craniosacral practitioners, biodynamic cranial osteopaths, and biodynamic craniosacral therapy practitioners who wish to cultivate the non-doing disposition to practice the evolutionary biodynamics, before undertaking a committed year-long Mentor Course.

Mentor Course:

A Training for the Evolution of Consciousness that Enhance any Modality

The Mentor Course is limited to a small group who meet together for one year. The inner Stillness Practices and the personal navigations you learn will evolve your consciousness, which can be integrated into any healing modality.

Mentor Course participants have included medical physicians, osteopaths, integrative medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, homeopaths, naturopaths, bodyworkers, water workers, spiritual teachers, specialists in posture and movement, Pilates, Continuum, somatic experience, and yoga, ... to name a few. We happily support all practitioners of any modality who wish to realize a living contact with Pure Breath of Love.

In 1948, the founder of cranial work, Dr. Sutherland, revealed his powerful biodynamic insight: 'Trust the Tide.' At the Dynamic Stillness School, we realize this ‘Tide’ in an expanded spectral sense. Our perspective includes inwardly accessing the wisdom of the body that emanates the classic tidal expressions of the Breath of Life and the Wisdom of the Whole that expresses as Pure Breath of Love, the power that creates all that is.

You will learn how to inwardly recognize these spectral expressions as distinct yet overlapping, ever-evolving levels of consciousness. You learn non-doing touch, without objectification, and with no efference, visualization, agenda, interference, motion testing of the bones, or intentionally shifting into tides, engaging the ego of the client, or applying any outside force. This disposition is so powerful that Dr. Sutherland characterized his non-doing approach as 'uncanny.'

Our Dynamic Stillness School courses are designed so you can cultivate a living, intimate, ever-deepening, body-felt connection with the spectral expressions of the Breath of Life, Consciousness, Love, and onward …

When Consciousness Evolves Beyond Dynamic Stillness
you enter a post-biodynamic Stillness Touch Practice

All the Dynamic Stillness School Courses embody, expand, and evolve Dr. Sutherland's profound biodynamic insights. Our inner Stillness Practice meditations grant you embodied access to a post-biodynamic enfoldment called Pure Breath of Love. Orienting inwardly toward your invisible midline at the SA Node opens your radiant heart field. When that is combined with inhabiting your inner body space in the pelvic floor and sensing while touching in a tonal match through entrainment it elicits powerful encounters with the various spectral expressions of primary respiration that culminate as Pure Breath of Love. You learn to repose in a sensual contact with the power that made the body, heals the body, and which evolves your consciousness until you realize an inner union of the body with the Love that creates all that is.

Note: the Initiatory Course is required even if you are a biodynamic cranial practitioner because of the need to learn touch for the evolution of consciousness from the disposition of non-intervention, non-efference, and non-doing, which prepares you to join the Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor Course described here: Level 1

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