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Stillness Touch:
For the Evolution of Consciousness

A brief biography of the founder of the Dynamic Stillness School that offers the Initiatory and Stillness Touch Mentor Courses exclusively taught by Giorgia Milne:

Giorgia Milne's Worldwide Classes

Listen to Giorgia’s Craniosacralpodcast

Charles Ridley’s love for cranial work began 45 years ago in 1973 after a single cranial session that expanded his consciousness for 30 days. Charles immediately realized first-hand how the power of cranial work evolves consciousness. From 1974 to 1990 he studied with osteopath Dr. DeJarnette, a student of Dr. Sutherland who founded all three types of cranial work, and with the author of Cranial Sutures Dr. Marc Pick.

From 1981 to 1989 Charles joined a practice with four cranial masters in Manhattan during which he served celebrities, politicians, business executives, and the artists of that time.

Between 1985 and 2004 Charles mentored with renowned Jungian therapist Robert Johnson author of 14 books.

In 1992 he took a year-long series of courses at Palmer College West that combined Dr. Viola Frymann’s tutorials in cranial osteopathy with Dr. Upledger’s Craniosacral Therapy courses. In 1997 Hugh Milne asked Charles to teach Visionary Craniosacral Work.

Charles worked closely with the founder of holistic dentistry, Dr. Alerod Fonder, author of The Dental Physician while in college, and in his Manhattan practice he worked with the famed voice specialist Wilbur Gould, MD who gave Charles access to his Vocal Dynamics Laboratory at Lennox Hill Hospital to research the effects of TMJ work on 20 professional opera singer's voices.

He wrote a column for three years for the Whole Life Times magazine and he lectured nationally at the Whole Life Expos. In 1985 he co-founded an integrative holistic medical facility, The Whole Life Medical Center, with Ronald Hoffman, MD.

Part of Charles' clinical experience includes five years of working with Waldorf school children in collaboration with Ingun Schneider, the head of Remedial Education at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, CA. This extensive experience continues to inform his work with adults who have suffered difficult births, trauma, or who have special perceptual, attention deficit, and remedial needs.

Charles has written five books:

STILLNESS: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness  (Random House 2006)

Stillness Practices: A Biodynamic Practitioner Workbook available as an e-book on the site store.

Stillness Practices a complete rewrite for the general public.

Stillness Touch: The Art of Transmitting Love is a rewrite of Stillness as an e-book for the general public specifically designed for Charles' yearly Kripalu class.

The Missing Glossary an e-book of the glossary terms that editors removed from Stillness.

Stillness has been translated and published in Japanese, French, Czech, Italian, a German edition due in Spring 2019 with updated material, and a Spanish translation is almost complete.

Beyond Stillness: Union of Body and Love a sequel to Stillness is planned to be published by Dynamic Stillness in the fall of 2018. 

The Dynamic Stillness School

Since 2000 the Dynamic Stillness School has distinguished itself by offering a training that is non-medical for the evolution of consciousness. There is no anatomy, diagnosis, cranial techniques, visualizing of cranial lesion patterns, tides, nor are there any other efferent methods that involve objectifying a client to fix or heal them by orienting to the nervous system. Instead, we yield to that which is prior to the nervous system: the breath of life.

Evolution of Consciousness Training by Giorgia Milne Thrives World Wide.

The Dynamic Stillness Initiatory and Mentor Courses are taught exclusively by Giorgia Milne. She offers an evolutionary training in 4 established cranial institutions in the USA, Australia, and Europe who appreciate her because her classes are non-medical and for the evolution of consciousness.

In addition to Giorgia’s institutional recognition, biodynamic osteopaths and graduate biodynamic craniosacral practitioners worldwide request that she teach her evolutionary perspective.

Earnest students take Giorgia’s classes because they want a quality curriculum, as opposed to an exhaustive drawn-out, and unnecessary medical curriculum that is available from the other schools in the name of “biodynamics.”

Recognition has spread like wildfire and Giorgia Milne has nearly reached her capacity to offer classes. She holds a deep, steady dedication to non-medical principles without wavering into the temptations of mixing biomechanical and functional cranial work with biodynamics. Giorgia has given birth to a large harvest of graduate practitioners who are dedicated to the evolution of consciousness.

Charles only teaches Stillness Touch lay classes and postgraduate courses that were attended by 400 graduates in 2018.

Why do I have to read the book Stillness?

Stillness is required reading because it sensually characterizes the classical biodynamic cranial map derived from Dr. Sutherland's original transmission of all three types of cranial work. However, the school’s transmission has evolved beyond what is characterized in the book, Stillness

Subsequently, Giorgia Milne’s Stillness Touch Initiatory and Mentor Courses start with inner practices to access Pure Breath of Love (the fifth enfoldment of consciousness), and from here the journey becomes mapless.

Giorgia’s Mentor Course continues the deep dive into the Love that creates all that is (See Stillness Chapter 9). Giorgia Milne’s Initiatory and her year-long Stillness Touch Mentor Course continues to flourish, be refined, articulated, and evolved because it is based on a living body-felt direct inner sensual contact with the living substance of Breath of Life. So, even though the Mentor Courseabides by the definitions and principles of Dr. Sutherland's original biodynamic transmission, Giorgia does not teach biodynamic cranial osteopathy.

Rather, she offers a non-medical, evolutionary approach to Stillness Touch that explores 'body as consciousness as an expression of Love.'  Graduate practitioners learn to offer sessions that transmit love through the art of touch, via entrainment,  through the combination of presence and direct hands-on contact. Inevitably, the body itself leads us to a mysterious 'silent' inquiry of 'what is body?'

Giorgia supports practitioners of any modality and provides specific inner-body practices that deepen your inner body sensing abilities, and you will enjoy a felt, living contact with the Breath of Life.  Giorgia emphasizes orienting within the inner body space, resting in the heart's sinoatrial node in neutral, while reposing in the pelvic floor and sensing what lies within.

In April 2019 Giorgia Milne will teach the Stillness Touch lay class at Kripalu that is based on the e-book, Stillness Touch: The Art of Transmitting Love. Kripalu's Stillness Touch lay class extends the Dynamic Stillness principles into personal life.

Charles has trained Kripalu's entire Health Services staff in Stillness Touch for two years in a row. He offers Private Intensives, consults, and teaches post-graduate and lay classes in Europe.

His book Stillness has a life of its own being translated into French, Italian, Czech, Japanese, German, and Spanish.

For more information on the lay Stillness Touch course at Kripalu: Stillness Touch at Kripalu

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Here is an interview with Charles: Prague Interview

Listen to a Podcast with Charles: Craniosacralpodcast


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