Stillness: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness
by Charles Ridley
Random House/North Atlantic Books

“It is a book about consciousness from beginning to end... An inspiring and helpful book for beginner and advanced practitioners alike.”

-Hugh Milne
author of The Heart of Listening

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*Part 1: Fundamental Disposition 
*Part 2: Meditation 

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2018 All Initiatory and Mentor Classes Worldwide
America, Australia, Taiwan, Europe
Teacher: Giorgia Milne

2018 Courses with Charles


Stillness Touch: The Art of Transmitting Love
Open to Everyone
April 18-20, 2018  Click Here


Biodynamic Cranial Touch for the Evolution of Consciousness (Seats available)
Advanced Biodynamic Post-Graduate Class 1

April 26-29, 2018 Basel Course


An Evening Meditation at Maitrea 
Liberate the Shadow: Unite Head, Heart, and Pelvis
Evening Meditation 
May 10, 2018 

Stillness Touch: The Art of Transmitting Love     
One Day Class Open to Everyone
May 11, 2018   Click Here

STILLNESS is now published in Czech!


Liberate the Shadow: Unite Head, Heart, and Pelvis
An Evening Meditation 
Open to Everyone
May 24, 2018   Click Here

Biodynamic Cranial Touch for the Evolution of Consciousness (Closed, waiting list)
 Post-Graduate Class
May 25-27, 2018  Click Here


Biodynamic Cranial Touch for the Evolution of Consciousness (Seats available)
Advanced Post-Graduate Class
May 31-June 3, 2018  Click Here


Advanced Biodynamic Post Graduate Class 3

Face Your Grail Wound and Open your Body to Love
*Basel, May 3-6, 2018
Grail Wound Class Basel:

*Prague, May 17-20, 2018 
Grail Wound Class Prague

 Enrollment Requirements: 

You have taken the Initiatory Class, in the Mentor Course, or you completed the Advanced Biodynamic Postgraduate Classes 1 or 2.




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Dynamic Stillness is a potent center that emanates the Breath of Life, which ignites and generates the matrix of Life, Health, Form, and Love. We connect with these forces within us and by entrainment offer them to others through non-doing touch.

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Practitioner and client realize an inner body-felt connection to health-as-Wholeness. The practitioner is certain that the healing has nothing to do with them, and the client feels intimately touched by the Breath of Life.

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Yes, a Biodynamic Cranial Touch practitioner does not use a medical disposition. Rather, we repose in the heart field, in non-doing, absent objectification or efference amid 'don't know.' 

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To evolve your consciousness, and to be a practitioner who does not treat, ... you repose within, sense the motion of health as directed by primary respiration, and you wait to let it guide the session. 

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What People Are Saying:

Blending didactic instruction with experiential practice and group processing, Charles creates an environment conducive to learning at the deepest levels of comprehension.

~ Elizabeth Pimentel, ND
Dean of School of Naturopathic Medicine at Maryland Unversity of Integrative Health



Studying with Charles as he teaches biodynamic cranial work has taken my work to a new level. Charles has challenged me to extend my skills and relax my ‘I’ll fix it’ attitude that I have carried for so long.

~ Steve Schumacher
Certified Cranial Teacher, Milne Institute


Charles Ridley is one of the most authentic practitioners I have ever met in 45 years of working in this field. He is also an explorer and a courageous one.

~ Hugh Milne, author of Heart of Listening

Thank you for the lifetime developing this work. Even more for the generosity of sharing it so freely. Your classes have no padding, no jargon, no hype, and just delivered again and again in deceptively simple words and actions.

~ Selma Lewis, Ph.D.

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